Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The India Issue of Saveur magazine

Do you like Indian food? I do, and this August/September 2014 issue of Saveur greatly appeals to me with its Ghanta tarkari, or mixed vegetable coconut curry, on the cover. I guess the last time I had an Indian meal was back in May in England, of all places, and it was wonderful! In fact, I came home and was delighted to find my local grocery store carries naan, a delicious flatbread served with Indian meals. I am trying to refrain from calling it "naan bread," which I understand is just as redundant as going to India and referring to a drink as "chai tea," since "chai" means "tea" in India!

Speaking of chai, here's a photo of a waiter carrying some to patrons of a tea shop in south India. The drinks sure look nice and frothy!

This issue also has a feature on "Eating in Tea Country," in which a cookbook author who has spent her whole life in Assam writes about the food of her region, which prominently features pork and bamboo. I'd love to go visit the tea plantations of India someday, and I'm keeping this issue handy just in case!


  1. Morning,
    We always have Indian food when we are in London. Some of the best. Just saw The Hundred Foot Journey last night for the second time. Don't miss it. It is beautiful. We highly recommend it...
    Happy Day, Ruthie

  2. Hello Angela,
    I haven't had a lot of Indian food but I do enjoy curry and my favourite tea is chai. I didn't know that chai meant tea in India. I've learned something new today! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.

  3. My favorite Indian meals have been in London too. A friend told me that the majority of the Indian restaurants in London cook foods from a certain region of India, different than the restaurants we have typically have in CA. Does anyone know the region? I really prefer that style of food-less sauces.

  4. Hi
    I am from India,
    Lovely to see an Saveur issue with focus on Indian food
    Hope you try out some dishes and let us know.
    In India chai or tea is made in a very unique way .. rarely do we use tea bags its always boiled in water and had with sugar and milk.

  5. I'll have to look for that issue.

  6. I don't usually buy this magazine, but now I am tempted. Love, love Indian food. We have a restaurant quite close to our house that makes wonderful Indian "street" food, not the normal things, except they do have a good chicken curry.

  7. I also love Indian food. Last month, I attended a beautiful Indian/Christian fusion wedding ceremony.


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