Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #31 -- Blue Bird Tea Room (South Egremont, Mass.)

When I first saw this postcard online, I liked the quaint little tea room sign out front of what appears to be someone's residence. Only after I purchased the card and it arrived in the mail did I pay attention to the fact that someone has edited the wording on the front to say "South Egremont, Mass." since "South Egrement, N.Y." was a mistake!

Looks like The Greeting Card Mfg. Co., Inc. bungled the printing of some postcards! So discovering the mistake was kind of fun for me, if not for the Blue Bird Tea Room. This card was sent to Dr. H.E. Snow of Sharon, Conn. "% Mrs. Husing" in 1927, and its message is pretty short and sweet: "What's this I hear about Coe's Hotel — Windham — ? This is 'the' place to be. Love, Dot. Don't come over this week." This is one of those card that left me with many questions. What's up with Coe's Hotel and Windham? Why would you send someone a postcard and tell them not to come over? Was the card to Dr. Snow in care of Mrs. Husing, or was Mrs. Husing really the intended recipient? At any rate, I'm happy to know that at one time, the Blue Bird Tea Room of South Egrement Egremont in New York Massachusetts was "the" place to be!


  1. I bet this postcard could tell some stories! ;)

  2. I want Dr. Snow to be the new, promising young doctor in town, not-too-long out of Med School, and hired by the older Doctor into his practice (which is in his own home---a set of rooms through French doors in one side of the big old white house that's been there for a century). Dr. Snow lives at Mrs. Husing's Boarding house, in two nice airy rooms with big windows at the back.

    The other boarders are Jameson Clark, Esq., whose dusty, paper-filled law office is upstairs over the drugstore, and that nice Nicholas Whitlow, who operates the telegraph office down at the depot, and courts Miss Avalee Hester, who teaches third grade, and lives, herself, at Mrs. Beeson's house, with three other maiden-lady schoolteachers.

    DOT, I think, is Dr. Snow's older sister, prone to taking liberties in inquiring into his business, and she picked up the postcard as she and two of her fellow telephone-operators were taking a little Summer getaway---thus the brusque "Don't come over."

    I doubt that Dot would have sent the card save for the little Guess-what-I-heard about Coe's.

    Don'tcha love creating lives for imaginary people?


  3. Love this. Immediately I was taken just be the name and the sign in front of a screened in porch. It was so much what tea rooms in America use to be, a place for a little respite from the journey.

  4. Love this postcard - and the very creative comments that are posted: rachel has some great ideas (rachel, you could be a a mystery writer, love your comments!)

    Reading these postcards puts me back in time, a time without 'smart phones' and texting, where a 'simple postcard' was one of the few ways of communicating, where you had to share an important message without saying 'too much,' knowing that several sets of eyes had to read the postcard before it got interesting, Angela - I'm enjoying this series,

  5. We live just south of South Egremont MA. It is a charming little village. Thanks so uch for sharing!

    Ashley DeMazza


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