Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #34 -- Ella Cinders Tea Room (Ashland, Virginia)

For this week's featured tea room postcard, I found another of those vintage linen postcards I so enjoy, this one from Ella Cinders Tea Room in Ashland, Va. near Richmond. I just love the look of this place, from the pretty trellis and flowers at left to the white picket fence and the red and white striped awnings out front. Kind of has an ice cream parlor look to it, doesn't it?

This card was sent to Mrs. O.S. Moore of Greenville, Texas in September 1947 and reads, "We are having a Virginia 'Ham' dinner here to night, on our way to Williamsburg - I've seen so much, I'm confused with it all. Bess." Perhaps because I write and edit for a living, I always seem to be critiquing someone's writing, and with this postcard, I wondered why Bess put "ham" in quotes. Also, how did seeing so much on her trip confuse her? Sometimes I'm overwhelmed or tired by all I've seen on a trip, but I'm rarely confused by it. (If my husband reads this, he will tell me, as he so often does, "You need to take off your editor's hat.") Also on the back of this card, it reads, "Recommended by AAA for past nineteen years. Delicious balanced meals served in an atmosphere of quiet refinement. Ultra modern Guest rooms, Private baths." Definitely sounds like an interesting tea room and one I would have enjoyed visiting!


  1. That does sound like an interesting place! And I agree with your edits, I wondered why ham was in quotes as I read i.

  2. Thinking quotes should have been around "Virginia"! Cute place!

  3. I love the look of this tea room - I would have enjoyed visiting it.

    Those striped awnings remind me of the homes at Fort McPherson: the homes on Staff Row had awnings like these (seems like the striped awnings were used in the summer months and then solid green awnings were used after that).

    Such a beautiful Army post - never imagined it would ever close down. I hope that Fort McPherson gets to continue to 'live on,' maybe as a movie studio for Tyler Perry, that would be nice. Those beautiful brick homes with their porches and awnings, now that would make for some nice movie sets.
    Hope you have a great weekend,

  4. I love the old postcards! Such a blast from the past...

  5. I would enjoy this tearoom too. I wondered by the confused, but I think it was her way of saying overwhelmed by it all. Now I am curious about the "Ham" too.

  6. This one made me laugh out loud. I bet "ham" is something secret between them...maybe not really ham, or some special way of ham being prepared. However, I do have an aunt from Iowa who uses quotes and odd commas and capital letters in the strangest places in her letters. It's just part of her character. Hmmm... I should probably write her a letter, or a POST CARD! :)


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