Friday, August 22, 2014

Talking tea in the business world

Because of the various writing businesses my husband and I have underway, we recently decided to join our local Chamber of Commerce. Yesterday was an event-filled day for our Newnan-Coweta Chamber, with a luncheon, a small business showcase and an evening social event. One of the exhibitors was Mike Meyer of Something Special, which is one of my town's celebrated antebellum homes that Mike now operates as a special events facility. I've known Mike for years and was delighted to hear he is now offering teas with a 25 person minimum, and we're hoping to be able to work together on a tea event in the future! I know many of you local readers are always asking if there's a good place to go for tea, and having enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Something Special on quite a few occasions, I am happy to recommend it. The teas are very reasonably priced, and you can personalize the menu by choosing from a variety of delicious sounding tea sandwiches, savories, scones and sweets. While we chatted, Mike and staff member Rose Bezenah let me sample a very delicious Pimento Cheese Tea Sandwich. (I was impressed they put out just a few at a time, noting that such sandwiches are prone to become dry if left out too long. Only professionals seem aware of that!)

It's actually quite fitting that Something Special host teas once more, as many years ago the home was indeed the site of a tea room, and the previous owner's cookbook is one of my prized tea room cookbooks! I'm going to keep Mike's Tea Plate Menu handy so I can share it with the next person who asks me where they can hold a tea locally, and if you'd like more info visit I am so pleased to hear Something Special is now offering these teas (by reservation), and I definitely want to help spread the word!

The other fun contact I made at the small business showcase was Evelyn Lewis, the entrepreneur behind Evelyn's Ultimate Pecan Pies and More. I love to support small businesses, and I'm surprised I hadn't yet heard of Evelyn because apparently her famous pecan pies are being shipped all across the country!

And heaven help us, she had samples of them at her exhibit. I was more than happy to take the sample I was offered, and it was divine! I do love a good pecan pie, and the bite-sized ones are always a treat I love to see on a tea tray. There's a special ingredient in her pie, though, I could tell. I mentioned it and she just smiled knowingly. I may have to order a full-size pie and see if I can figure out what her secret ingredient is. So, those are two of my local businesses I thought it might be fun to tell you about. Do you like to support the hometown businesses where you live?


  1. Very exciting to see you've joined your Chamber of Commerce and met a couple of tea related businesses.
    I support the small businesses in our town wholeheartedly and when I had my newspaper column, attended a couple of breakfast meetings with our chamber.. However, there is still no tearoom and I really wish someone would take this upon themselves.

  2. I do like to support local businesses, (but there are no tearooms locally, alas) and I wish I were close enough to come have tea in this new/old venue! And oh, I would love one of those tiny pies about right now. :-)

  3. How lovely to see Mike again!! We've attended parties there in the past, when our friends lived in Newnan, and what a treat that he's offering teas now.

    It's so nice when that lovely old house, with all the beautiful antiques and draperies, opens up into that spectacular garden room, so airy and light.


  4. Most definitely love to support local businesses. Both of these sound delicious. Now I am wondering what that secret ingredient is.

  5. I definitely try to support small businesses, especially since I am one myself. We have a great little eating place called O'Houlihans. They have cookie coupons that will get you two free cookies when you buy a sandwich or salad and your drink. I give them to everyone who walks through our doors and plans on eating while visiting our little town. They closed their doors at the beginning of last year, but there was such an outcry from the community that they opened back up. It's nice to know you're wanted by those you serve.

  6. Great post, Angela! Good to know that Mike will be having tea events at Something Special, such a pretty place. And those pecan pies - yum! Thank you for sharing, Joanie

  7. This is so neat! I'd drive to Coweta from Walton to have a good tea. I'll have to see if I can find their website; would love to know when they host something (as I don't have 25 people to have tea with!). :)


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