Monday, September 30, 2013

The tea trolley gets a fall makeover

Some girls dress up their paper dolls, but this one likes to dress up her tea trolley! A new season means time for a makeover, so the yellow Welbeck chintz teawares have gone into hibernation for the year.

Instead, I've pulled out some vintage goodies in brown and beige tones to decorate with.

Seasonal decorating is fun because you tend to forget what all you've gathered over the years, and it's sort of like getting new stuff for free. Here I've used a small rack of tea bag holders, Harney's Pumpkin Spice tea (a recent gift), and a silver basket holding slices of tea bread.

The vintage silver basket is a piece I bought while out antiquing with my mom last year, and I still love the little acorns and leaves on the handle.

A teapot, a smaller teapot marked "Tea Bags" (oddly!) and a tea canister are joined by some brown teapot salt and pepper shakers.

Finally, the little scarecrow that was in a recent gift from a friend got plopped into the lavender silk flowers to make them more fall-like. Have you decorated for fall yet?


  1. Love your make over for fall. The little teapot tea bag holders are so cute.

  2. Beautiful fall decor for your tea trolley! Aside from a fall cornucopia on my dining room table, I haven't decorated for autumn yet.

  3. The tea cart looks sweet decorated for fall. I have put a number of things out too and pulled out a rust colourd ceam and sugar for the kitchen counter.

  4. Love it!
    Just thinking I needed to get out a few things and put the summer away.

  5. It looks very pretty, and quite appropriate for fall. I brought some of my fall decorations upstairs this weekend and hope to get my house ready for fall this week!

  6. Looks like the seasons are changing! Love your pretty lace topper!

  7. How very lovely! Everything looks so inviting.

    Jocelyn @

  8. Great tea cart, Angela! Love all your designer touches, Joanie


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