Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boston Tea Company's Cranberry Blood Orange Rooibos

Much as I love to shop, I've somehow gotten behind on my "free" shopping. That's what I call all those things like gift cards, Kohl's cash and rewards point certificates I've been hoarding and haven't yet spent. It was time to play catch up, so I headed to T.J. Maxx with my latest $10 in rewards points. This time, I got two items, including this $5.99 tin of tea from a new name in tea to me, the Boston Tea Company. (The other item is something I'll share tomorrow.)

Cranberry teas always make me think of fall, and this Cranberry Blood Orange Rooibos sounded like a nice new one to try. As soon as I opened the tin, I got a strong, pleasant whiff of orange. Steeped, the tea reminded me a lot of Harney's African Autumn blend, so I was pretty happy about that.

Usually when I share a new loose tea I like to pour a little of it out to photograph, but here I wanted you to see that this tea is visible through the lid! I thought that was quite interesting — especially since experts tell us not to expose our teas to light, but I'll probably drink this so quickly it won't become a problem!


  1. Every year for the last three hubs and I took a New England cruise from NYC to New Brunswick and back to NYC....and Boston is always on the circuit to visit.

    Last year we walked around more than we had b/c we weren't going back to the museums or long tours because we had already done that..........and in doing so found a shop that sold all of The Boston Tea Company products! I bought a ton of gifts there!

    I was in the shoppe for the longest time, hubs kept coming back to see if I had finished yet, haha.

    Funny I didn't - not a single thing - keep anything for myself so to this day I can't say if I like their teas or not, how silly am I?

    Thanks for sharing - keep shopping, gotta love the points/freebie stuff!


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