Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Boston Tea Party plate

In researching old department store tea rooms, I often troll eBay looking for books and artifacts related to these old stores. When I found this delightful Boston Tea Party plate from the Jordan Marsh Company in Boston, I hoped I was the only bidder, and I was!

Scenes of the Boston Tea Party are not hard to find, but I didn't own one on a plate, and now I do.

The plate was made by Wedgwood, a favorite maker, so this plate had a lot going for it as far as I was concerned: tea history, it came from an old department store, and it came from a well-known maker — so I was quite happy when my package arrived with this plate intact. Do you own any Boston Tea Party "souvenirs"? My collection includes a postcard, a floaty pen, a hankie, a magnet and now this plate. That's it!


  1. It is beautiful, Angela and it went to just the right person. I never get tired of my blue and white.
    best, Ruthie

  2. Fascinating - and was this made in England? I only ask b/c of the inscription............if it were anywhere else it would have mentioned WHY the Patriots threw the tea in salt water and ruined it........

    Found this and thought I would share - always an interesting reminder, and also how opened-eyed I have become about how history has a way of repeating itself. But I shan't go politically, I promise.

    Love your plate, Angela - you have the neatest collection of books and china and stories behind them! Love history buffs!!!!

  3. I'm sure I was looking at a couple of these plates at our local antique barn last month. They were a fair price, considering the history, but not what I was I interested in. They probably have a number of historical items that you would like.

  4. oh!!! I just love your plates! I have the Friendship of Salem series =) Fairwinds. USS Portsmouthe off the Barrier Forts of Canton.
    I really love the Historical scenes.

  5. I don't own any Boston Tea Party memorabilia, but I do like this plate. So glad you were able to get it.

  6. Michele, yes, it was Made in England. Hadn't thought about the lack of a "why" there, but you are right!

  7. What a pretty plate, Angela and so historic. Both my mom and dad grew up in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston (in Worcester). Though they moved to Miami in 1948, we spent many summers in Boston and New Hampshire.

    So much history up there! And in Miami, it was always a treat to go to Jordan Marsh in Downtown Miami - great lunchroom and at Christmas, did they ever decorate 'Santaland!' Thanks for the memories and for preserving tea history, Joanie


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