Thursday, September 12, 2013

September/October 2013 Tea Time magazine

Tea Time magazine is one of my all-time favorite publications, and I so love when a new copy lands in the mailbox. If you're not a subscriber, I must tell you that the new issue is a fine one to add to your tea library!

One thing I love about all the fall lifestyle magazines is that they feature some of my favorite flavors: caramel apple, cinnamon spice, pumpkin anything. Tea Time's latest recipes do not disappoint in this regard, offering up Pumpkin-Cranberry Scones, Apple Crumb Bars and those yummy looking Caramel Cupcakes from the cover.

I also enjoyed this issue's focus on puerh teas, but the piece I found most intriguing was titled "Tuscan Tea." Just reading the list of ingredients for Panzanella Scones makes my mouth water: Parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, Castelvetrano olives, fresh basil — oh my! And that's before you even get to the Artichoke Frittata or the Pignoli-Chocolate Sandwich Cookie. Bruce Richardson writes on taking tea in Boston, and new contributing editor Jane Pettigrew (love her!) writes about the Cutty Sark, making this one of Tea Time's best issues yet.


  1. So many recipes and so little time! Back in the 70's I sewed everyday. I had a closet full of fabric and just looking at it brought me joy. It didn't matter that it hadn't formed itself into a piece of clothing yet - I had the "supplies".'s recipes...lots of recipes. Ha! I did bake a chocolate cake yesterday!

  2. Got my copy last week and been drooling on it daily.

    I agree with you on all counts.

    And the pictures are just so incredibly gorgeous.

    I wish I had the Downton Abbey staff and could just have tea parties all the time, but lack of time and energy are huge deterents, at least for me.

  3. I loved this issue too - I've picked several recipes to use when my friends and I have tea this fall...mmmm caramel!

    Boy...don't those panzanella scones sound good?!

  4. Can't wait for my issue to arrive. Yummm! Thinking caramel and apples.

  5. I have been enjoying my issue too.

  6. I'm enjoying this current issue too. The cover alone is worth getting the magazine! ;-) So are the articles about tea in Boston. I so want to plan a trip to Boston. Someday!

  7. Such a beautiful cover! I will be picking this issue up.

    A fall 'heads up:' not sure if you've ever seen the beautiful stoneware called 'Temptations:'

    (qvc features it and there's a new pattern out called 'Harvest.' It is simply beautiful - lot's of tiny pinecones, fall leaves, fall colors.)

    This stoneware is so pretty (all hand painted), yet practical - you can mix in it, bake / broil in it (to 400-degrees), microwave in it, freeze / refrigerate it...and, when it's featured as a sale set, the value is tremendous! I just bought a 10-piece baking set, all stoneware, complete with a beautiful rolling pin, for a very low price.

    I don't work for Temptations but I'm so impressed with the quality & value, can't help but share the news with my friends. Joanie

  8. Love reading this magazine... the photography, the recipes, the articles... all very enticing!

  9. Thanks for sharing.
    I want to buy one.


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