Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baking pans in a color I adore!

At Target the other day, I wasn't exactly looking for bakeware when I happened upon some gorgeous new baking pans, but the color and design meant I simply had to come home with these. (At $9.99 each, they were also my final purchases on my anniversary gift card, alas, but Christmas will be here soon enough!)

The pans are part of their Threshold line of housewares, and the deep teal blue color is sort of the fall version of the teal/aqua palette I seem to have become slightly obsessed with this year.

Here's the bottom of the pie pan. Pretty, eh?

To try out the non-stick loaf pan, I baked a simple chocolate chip banana bread, and I'm pleased to report it popped right out of the pretty new pan! Are you a sucker for a pretty design in housewares too?


  1. Things that make you go oooh! I love these!

  2. That is the prettiest pan I h ave ever seen - I absolutely must get to Target to see what I have been missing.

    Of course, I hesitate, for I have NO gift card to spoil myself silly.

    Love this, photographs beautifully - and makes that ccbb loaf look even better - kinda of like tea in a pretty china cup, or a lady in a new dress, as it were.

    Nice purchase, my sweet friend!!

  3. I am a sucker for pretty things...bakeware, teacups, teapots, plates, saucers...whatever! And these are indeed pretty. So glad you found them.

  4. Lovely baking pans to coordinate with your peacock Pyrex dishes. That blue kitchen might not wait until you acquire a beach house - it seems to be happening right there in Newnan! Your banana bread looks yummy! Seems we both got the baking bug!

  5. Beautiful pans. You find and have terrific items. Thank you.


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