Thursday, August 15, 2013

"You're Just My Cup of Tea" by Camille Ellerbrook

Lady B's Time for Tea blog recently featured a post about tea-themed books, and one I had never heard of before was "You're Just My Cup of Tea" with paintings by Camille Ellerbrook.

These paintings are totally new to me, and I loved them immediately! This charming painting made me think of all you tea friends who enjoy picnic-style teas! And unless I'm mistaken, that's Spode's classic Christmas china in the basket, isn't it?

And of course silver tea services always seem the height of elegance to me, so I enjoyed this painting as well. Unlike a new book I featured earlier this week, this one has been out a while, since 2006, and I greatly enjoyed reading the tea quotations, excerpts and recipes, but I especially enjoyed "meeting" a new tea artist!


  1. The drawings by the artist are very nice.

  2. Dear Angela,
    I am so glad you found this book. It is a charming one. Lady B did a good job showing us her many tea books. At some point, I will have to share the ones I have that are not the same as hers. As you are, we are both always on the lookout for little tea books.
    Best, Ruthie from Lady B's

  3. What a lovely book. A beautiful addition to the Tea table.

    Jocelyn @

  4. Beautiful book! I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

  5. I did enjoy the review on tea books by Ruthie from Lady B's. I hadn't heard of this one either. Very nice artwork.

  6. Hi Angela! This is one of my favorite books - so glad to know you are enjoying it too.

    Janet P.


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