Monday, August 26, 2013

Tea goodies from Alabama

On Saturday, my husband humored me by coming along for a little antiquing at an old favorite antique mall, Angel's Antiques in Opelika, Ala. As you can see, I had quite a fruitful day, with my favorite find being the $10 teacup stand!

Those of you fortunate enough to own teacup stands probably know by now to hang on to them. I have been looking for one for at least two or three years now. I do see them in antique malls occasionally, but they always, always have a tag that proclaims in unfriendly lettering, "NOT FOR SALE — FOR DISPLAY ONLY." I personally think that is not very nice of the sellers, to tempt us shoppers that way, but what's a girl to do? I always look for those pretty white teacup stands, but when I saw this black one I decided a) it's a teacup stand, hoorah! b) I can paint it if I decide to and c) doesn't this look like Mary Engelbreit's designs? And if it's by Mary, it would be a sin to paint it.

Other fun finds included this wooden wall hanging. Frankly, it's a little country cutesy/rustic for my taste, but it was a very reasonable $1.50, and I thought it might serve as an accent in the tea garden one day.

Vintage cookbooks are always fun, and here I have one full of maple syrup recipes as well as the Kitchen Scrapbook on top, which has a terrific bunch of handwritten recipes. This little book was a real treasure to me, and it'll get its own blog post somewhere on down the line, I'm sure.

Finally, I was delighted to find a boxed set of what I call rosette or timbale makers. The Swan House in Atlanta serves its chicken salad in the flaky little pastry shells you make with these things, and I've long wanted a set.

I liked the assortment of shapes that came in the box, and I was also pleased the original recipe pamphlet is there as well. Hopefully one of my tea room cookbooks will turn up a recipe I can use these with. Did you find any tea or cooking goodies this weekend?


  1. Another treasure trove of special goodies! Great finds!

  2. Angela,
    For sure that looks like Mary E. Those are her flower designs. It's darling.
    Lady B and I had a good day yard sailing too. Some great finds. Isn't it fun? Good for your hubby to accompany you. That's love!
    Xo Ruthie

  3. What great finds! That teacup stand is wonderful, and yes, it looks like Mary E's design. Everything you found is a treasure.

  4. Good haul of things Angela. I was thinking I'd like one of the wall teacup holders that holds 3 or so like I've seen at the antique mall so will have to keep an eye out.
    I just posted this morning about teapot shaped napkin rings and other things I picked up recently.

  5. I have a timbale maker, and made
    butterflies years ago. I need to find it again !

  6. No shopping this past weekend, but I do love what you found. That teacup stand immediately said Mary E. Enjoy your new to your goodies.

  7. What great bargains you found! Puts me in the mood to go antiquing!

  8. I know you have been looking for the teacup stand for a while, so you must have done the dance of joy when you spotted it. Looks like a fun day of treasure hunting.

    Enjoy your goodies!

    Mary Jane

  9. This is definitely M.E. I have been looking for this exact one for years, I found mine today, I was devastated to see someone had painted it white ;( Now I have to find a way to strip the paint. What a lucky girl you are!


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