Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Martha Stewart Biscuit Cutters

As a rule, I do not care for malls. I do not care for the over-aggressive salespeople, I do not care to get accosted by the guy offering the free massages or cell phone plans or newspaper subscriptions, and basically, I've just become a middle-aged crank who does better ordering off eBay or visiting antique malls. So there's that. But my aunt wanted to go to the mall to shop for her birthday gifts last week, and so we went. When we got upstairs in Macy's, the pretty aqua colored wares at the Martha Stewart display caught my eye, and I knew immediately I had to have a set of these $10.99 biscuit cutters, which can cut with both the scalloped and the straight edges.

"Scone cutters" is how I actually think of them. When I lifted them out of the plastic container, I was amused to realize they nest in such a way that they don't fall out of the container when you open it. Nice!

Seven different sizes, from small scone to big fat scone or sugar cookie. If you don't like malls either, I feel your pain, but if you must go, a visit to Macy's housewares might be in order!


  1. We're on the same page about malls Angela. I went to our big one for a computer class at the Apple Store yesterday and it was so noisy and busy with kids getting ready to go back to school.
    I visited the couple of stores I wanted to and then couldn't get out of there fast enough!
    I like the colour of the cutters and the fact that you have straight and scalloped on one tool. I have a stainless set of straight with about 5 sizes I think.

  2. What neat biscuit cutters! And I guess I'm a "middle-aged crank" too, because I was delighted to find you can order them through Macy's website. :)

  3. Well I just added this to my wish list for the next time I do venture out in to the wilds of the mall! (Or a better idea, I think I will search for them online!) Thanks for sharing.

  4. How clever to have both straight edge and crinkled option in each cutter! May have to consider these as I've practically worn out my favorite scone cutter!

  5. I feel exactly as you do and never EVER go to the mall - these cutters are amazing and I would absolutely love that set. May have to add it to my birthday or Christmas gift wish list.

    Thanks again, Angela.


  6. They are just so pretty stacked up like that!

  7. Those are really pretty, and since I can go into Macy's without going through the whole mall, I'm in luck.

    What I most detest about the mall is that Victoria's Secret---with its near-pornographic posters---occupies the center location. Right at the intersection of the 4 main drags, there is sex being sold, and I hate it. BUT, as I said, if Macy's is my target, I can go in the Macy's entrance and avoid the rest of the mall.

    My daughter, who loves to make biscuits and scones, would love that set. Thanks.

  8. I think I remember what a mall is! Usually don't like shopping, but may have to visit the Macy's in Denver. It's a stand alone building in a town square space. Walking around outside makes shopping feel like the "old days".♥♫

  9. Dear Angela,
    You always find the best things. These are so great and pretty too!

  10. Those are wonderful! I don't visit malls often, but I did find these online at Macy's website.

  11. Yes, I can definitely see scones cut with these "biscuit" cutters. I shop Macy's online, especially to order wedding gifts. Oh, my! I can't remember the last time I visited Macy's in Lexington!

  12. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for the tip! I love the color of these cutters and the price is a real bargain compared to others I've had my eye on.

    Janet P.

  13. Are these plastic or metal? Martha Stewart makes the neatest things

  14. I could use this, thanks!
    Macy's is on my agenda soon.


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