Friday, August 23, 2013

The puerh tea knife

For anyone who didn't know the answer to yesterday's pop quiz, this is a puerh tea knife!

I was looking up tea knives on eBay one day — the pretty, antique silver kind you use with scones — when I came across this different kind of tea knife, and it immediately struck me that why yes, we do indeed need a "puerh knife" for breaking off bits of puerh tea, which often comes in compressed "cakes" or "nests" of tea leaves. I happen to like puerh, but I do understand that this particular tea doesn't suit everyone.

There were several different varieties of these puerh knives on eBay, including a pretty wooden one with beads dangling from the handle, if that's more your style.

As you can see, once the tea is steeped the leaves look like any other tea leaves you've steeped yourself. This puerh is a Fengqing Raw Puerh Cake Tea sample from Teavivre, and you can see what the entire cake looks like here. So if any of you have some little nests or cakes of puerh tea sitting around, I highly recommend getting yourself a puerh tea knife!


  1. Aha, I was right! But I didn't have time to comment yesterday; really enjoyed reading the other comments today. Of course, I then had to go to Ebay and look up tea knife and saw some lovely ones.
    Enjoy yours...Don;t know if I would like Puerh tea-perhaps a little too earthy for my taste.

  2. Interesting, the puerh I buy is always loose tea leaves and my favourite is chocolate orange puerh.

  3. Isn't it fun to discover something new about our favorite beverage? Have you tried the earthy taste of puerh with chocolate? It also pairs well with spicy foods.
    I am noticing your beautiful Biltmore Tea Service Cup and Saucer.

    Mary Jane

  4. Fun! Yours is much more elegant than mine!

  5. I think it's the prettiest I've seen!

  6. And again, Angela, you have taught me several new things. Thank you.

  7. I will say that for me it took awhile to like puerh. I have a large cake of it now and do need one of those knives.

  8. This was new to me ! So glad to learn something new in the world of tea !

  9. Learn something new everyday. I've only had loose puerh.


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