Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yogic Chai's Original Masala Chai

When I got invited to sample some of the award-winning Original Masala Chai from Yogic Chai, I of course said yes but I must admit I thought, "Chai is chai. I'm sure it will be fine." I couldn't imagine it would taste very different from other chai teas I have tried, and oh, was I wrong!

First, this "proprietary blend" from Yogic Chai just looks so very inviting. The ingredients include Fair Traded Organic Assam Tea, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Green Cardamom, Organic Cloves and Organic Ginger. When I opened the bag, I got an absolutely intoxicating whiff of the super spicy blend, and I loved it!

To make the chai, I added a teaspoon of the blend to 1-1/2 cups of half-water, half-milk, and boiled it for 5 minutes before straining off the chai. I opted for skim milk, and I was absolutely delighted with the rich flavor in my mug. This chai was so supremely easy to make, yet it had that sophisticated, rich chai taste I associate with specialty beverage shops. Count me a fan! And if you want to try some for yourself, visit the Yogic Chai website here.


  1. This sounded so yummy I just went a ordered 2 to try!

  2. I don't normally reach for chai - but my daughter is a huge fan so will be sharing this info with her definitely.

    As always, thanks. Angela, for your awesome and trusted recommendations!!

  3. This looks beautiful and sounds delicious. I always marvel at how each brand of chai can have its own unique flavor.

    Your tea mug is charming!

    Gracious Hospitality

  4. Sounds delicious! A friend of mine is friends of the owners of this company, so when you mentioned it I said to myself now I have heard of this company before. Now I have not tasted there chai, but it does sound yummy. Thanks for the review.

  5. Sounds great! And the tea in the bag is lovely.


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