Thursday, May 30, 2013

Uncle Si's Tea Glass

Let it never be said we are snobs here at the Tea With Friends blog. Just because we review fine Parisian teas one day doesn't mean we can't review convenience store plasticware the next. And so, friends, I proudly present to you one of this home's greatest souvenirs of our recent road trip, these copies of Uncle Si's Tea Glass from the fine A&E show "Duck Dynasty."

Now when my husband first started watching the show, I usually saw all that camouflage and hightailed it upstairs to stick my nose in a decorating magazine for the evening. But one night he challenged me to actually watch the show. I thought I'd give it 10 minutes and cross that off my list, but like lots of Americans I became a fan! Turns out, these famous duck call makers with the Duck Commander company are just a fun bunch of folks who value faith and family, and furthermore they are just plain fun to watch. I love the dad, Phil (who is always "happy, happy, happy"), and his wife Miss Kay, all the boys and their "yuppie" wives, but my favorite of these celebrities is the fellow pictured here, crazy old Uncle Si. He doesn't have a smile here but he often does on the show, and he is famous for carrying around a pitcher of unsweet tea everywhere he goes, tea which must be sipped from his ratty old plastic glass (vintage Tupperware, I believe). I saw on Facebook recently where Willie and his wife Korie were in the area to speak at a church. A young man who was a fan of the show was in the hospital and unable to attend, so they went to his hospital room and personally visited with him. I *love* stories like that!

So, when we stopped at some convenience store halfway between Wisconsin and Georgia and came across these Duck Commander glasses (only $1, because the clerk didn't know the price and just made one up), we were what you might call happy, happy, happy!


  1. Love the story behind the tea glasses. While I don't watch the program, I did see the family on a TV talk show.

  2. Funny! Definitely a contrast in conversations here. You cover it all.

  3. I love it! I'm also a fan of Duck Dynasty, and became so much the way you did, by someone telling me to park it, and watch for a few minutes, and within those few minutes, I was smitten. I think they're terrific, and now I wish I had a Si tea cup, too. Thanks for sharing, Angela!


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