Friday, May 17, 2013

Roux Maison Sweet Tea Laundry Detergent

The nice folks at Roux Maison were kind enough to send me a bottle of their Essential Detergent, and I was delighted to try this detergent because of the particular variety ...

... Sweet Tea! Roux Maison is a new line of eco-friendly laundry products which uses natural ingredients. Since so many people have ingredient allergies and sensitivities these days, I am always happy to hear about new products which meet a need, whether it's a tasty gluten-free product or a detergent whose fragrance is "custom blended with 100 percent natural essential oils that are synthetic and preservative free." I must admit I also like that Roux Maison's products are influenced by "southern heritage and hospitality," so bonus points for the southern-ness!

But did the detergent clean my laundry? Yes, beautifully! Just two capfuls washes an entire load, and the citrus scent so reminiscent of lemony sweet tea is a lovely, lovely bonus. If you'd like to learn more about this detergent, go here to see it and more of Roux Maison's products.


  1. Interesting! Not sure I would have thought of adding a Sweet Tea fragrance to my laundry!

  2. That looks very nice! I would LOVE to wash my clothes with that laundry detergent. I am imagining the fragrance from here.

  3. Oh, my! We never know what tea things you might share with us!

  4. I am truly amazed that even detergent has sweet tea. It does sound like it would be quite yummy! Can detergent be yummy?

  5. Interesting product to read about. I went to their website and loved their manifesto. A citrus scent would be lovely on linens.


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