Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2013 Memorial Day in Senoia

In my neck of the woods, one of the biggest and best Memorial Day celebrations around is the one in Senoia ("Suh-NOY" -- it rhymes with "boy"). Vendors selling everything from antiques and jewelry to soaps and locally-produced honey come out in full force on Memorial Day, and a highlight of the day is always the afternoon's parade.

Here are some of the furniture offerings I spotted. Alas, I didn't find any teawares this year, although as you'll soon see, I did indeed spot some tea. (Sort of!)

Here the crowd begins to pause for ...

... the presentation of the colors.

And here's another vendor booth, this one sporting lots of red, white and blue.

I should mention that Senoia is also where "The Walking Dead" films. I've never actually gotten around to watching the show (and one of my friends is an extra, for Pete's sake!), but I can tell you it is all the rage here. This building right on Main Street is the Woodbury Town Hall in the show. My friend who owns a store in Senoia says some customers were standing there raving about the show one day, and what they didn't know was that one of the staffers on the show was standing right there listening. And smiling, of course!

You wanna know what makes me smile? Seeing these older veterans come out for the Memorial Day Parade. My loudest applause is for these men. I don't normally get too choked up about much in life, but I must confess I go all wobbly over patriotic celebrations, thinking of the men and women who've fought for the freedoms I enjoy today.

Some of the local young dancers showed up, stylish as ever.

As were the older girls as well!

Senoia has lots of antique automobile enthusiasts, and there were many great old cars in the parade.

Another misty-eyed moment for me always comes when the Army Band passes by with a rousing tune.

And I don't think any float sported more flags than this Boy Scout float.

I know "tea party" groups these days can draw different reactions depending on the particular group and on one's political views, but I was pleased to see the chest of tea on this group's float.

Tea on parade. Gotta love that!

And I especially liked how this float ended with a sober reminder that yes, we kick off summer and celebrate on Memorial Day, but hopefully we also use the occasion to remember fallen soldiers as well. Another fine job and another great parade, Senoia!


  1. What a great Memorial Day! Loved being at the parade with you vicariously.

  2. A fabulous celebration and the old gents in their red shirts looked very nice.
    Being a much younger country, our nod to war heroes is November 11 and without a lot of fanfare. There are parades, but sombre events.

  3. Great celebration. The little girls in their red outfits are just too cute!

  4. Looks like a fantastic day - loved the flea market, enjoyed watching the parade with you, smiled at the older veterans as I remember my father, thankful and respectful of all the veterans that have proudly and courageously served our country, getting misty eyed right along with you.

  5. Well I love your post but I about SCREAMED OUT LOUD reading about The Walking Dead and your friend being an extra in it.

    We're huge zombie fans here, haha, I know I am quite diverse, lol - what fun you were where they filmed it, that's a big deal to us!

    I instantly told my hubs, big brother, nephew, and both daughters via text. : - )


  6. What a wonderful small town parade!

  7. Senoia knows how to celebrate.

  8. Great photos Angela! I haven't spent much time in Senoia and your post makes me want to head on over there. Thanks for sharing, Joanie


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