Monday, May 20, 2013

Collecting by color

The last time I went antiquing with my mom and aunt, I was surprised to find that I had, subliminally at least, been collecting by color, as several mint green things arrived at my house that day!

First, I found a Grosvenor English bone china teacup I absolutely loved (and for the happy price of $10). I don't usually like a teacup that's plain on the outside and decorated on the inside, but the coloring on this one was just so very pretty, it overcome that objection. And, as with another Grosvenor teacup I own, this one is just a wee bit larger than usual teacups so it holds more tea. Nice!

As I checked out of the antique mall with my teacup I noticed it matched a book I had found, "Palm Beach Entertains," a Junior League cookbook and social history. Now I'll read a social history of dirt if I come across one, as I love the social history of anything, but this one had some photos inside that I just knew I needed to share here.

Look at these ladies and gents having tea in the Cocoanut Grove. How elegant! (This photo must not have been taken in the heat of summer or they all would have passed out!)

And of course when I saw Henry Morrison Flagler having tea with the ladies, I had to find out who he was. (He founded Standard Oil *and* Palm Beach itself. I'd have had tea with him too!)

That evening when I arrived home with these goodies, I learned that a thoughtful former co-worker had dropped off a parting gift for me, this pretty mint green Yankee Candle in the Early Sunrise scent. I guess this lovely color was simply my "theme" for the day. And of course I was also tickled that Yankee Candle describes this candle's completely yummy fragrance as a "clean lemony citrus scent with hints of ginger and tea." Perfect! So now I'm on a mint green kick. Are any of you discovering new favorite colors this spring?


  1. I do collect by color -- it's basically the blue and white transferware! But it must be English! Lovely teacup and I would have bought that book as well!

  2. If you are going to collect by color, then that's a great one. ☺
    Your Grosvenor teacup is beautiful.

  3. I don't really collect by colour other than lavender but have been introducing some aqua lately.
    Pretty teacup and matching treasures.

  4. Beautiful teacup! Great book! And lovely candle from a thoughtful friend! Love the mint green color. My colors tend to go in streaks. It was blue and white while I was in Holland, Michigan. Before that it was red and white transferware.

  5. LOVE the Grosvenor teacup! A favorite maker. And the color has always been a fav, as an off shoot of the blue hues. The book is fab! I am back and blogging with a new blog Thanks for your sweet comments!

  6. More great discoveries! Loved those tea photos in your new old book! Great!

  7. I've not been collecting by color lately, instead I've been collecting by name! When you made your post last December about "a tea cup meant for me", it inspired me to find a cup & saucer set for each of my tea-drinking friends. So my goal for this year is to give birthday gifts with "her name written on it." :)

  8. I love your color theme. No color theme here. The teacup is beautiful and the photos shared from the book wonderful. Candles are always a special gift too.

  9. Great finds. Reminds me of the beach.


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