Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some great new products from Le Palais des Thés

Le Palais des Thés asked if I'd like to sample some new products and of course I said yes. I must say it was an especially fragrant package that awaited on my doorstep recently!

Four new teas arrived from this Parisian tea company, and I've just sampled two of them. As soon as I opened the packet of La Menthe Glaciale (Frosty Mint), I got a nice strong whiff of peppermint. Brewed, this green tea had a very invigorating taste, much more minty than most. There was no grassiness from the green tea, and I enjoyed this tea as an after-dinner treat one night.

My highest praise, however, must go to this *simply marvelous* La Poire (Pear) flavored tea, a green tea made even prettier with marigold flower petals. Now I love pears. I've tried quite a few pear-flavored teas in my day, most of which were fine but merely "suggested" pears. Few of them really had what I'd call a true pear taste. As soon as I opened this packet, though, I detected a true pear fragrance and got my hopes up. Could it be? Indeed, yes! You know that first bite of a pear when you get that sugary rush from the fresh juices bursting forth? That's how I felt sipping this tea! I'm looking forward to trying the other two teas soon (and will review them, of course), but after such success with these two I figured I'd better stop!

A surprise in my package was one of their new luxury tea-scented candles. (Have you noticed how high-end candles are all the rage in gift stores these days?) This one is the Thé du Hammam candle, which "recalls the sensual, intimate atmosphere of the Turkish bath ... an Eastern celebration of fresh green tea, delicate rose petals and orange blossom, ripe red fruits and crystallized fruits."

This line of candles (featured here) is definitely of the deluxe variety, as the elegant packaging indicates, and the candle is said to burn for about 50 hours! The fragrance is very rich and almost spicy, yet it isn't too overpowering at all. I imagine I'll be seeing these yummy candles in all the decorating magazines soon, and you can see them now by visiting Le Palais des Thés online here.


  1. It's always nice to try new teas, who knows when a favourite will appear. I like to read your reviews too, you always give an honest opinion and the pear flavour sounds nice.
    Me, I always get gardening books to review, wish someone would send along tea as well to sip while I read. :-)

  2. Both the teas and the candle sound yummy! (to taste and to smell, respectively.)

  3. Enjoyed your review of Le Palais des Thes. And how nice that the teas came with a surprise candle in the package.

  4. The French do know how to perfume their teas. I have had several teas from Le Palais des Thes in the past and enjoyed each one. It is total delight to visit their shop in Paris and sniff. The candle is a nice extra for sure and I brought one of those home several years ago also. How lucky you are to get to review.

  5. What lovely teas! I enjoyed your review, thanks for sharing your thoughts


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