Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #18 - Royal Cucumber Sandwiches

Naturally my tea sandwich for the week is one of those I made for yesterday's Royal Wedding Breakfast Tea in honor of the nuptials of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (TRH stands for "Their Royal Highnesses" -- I had to noodle that one out!) At my house it's not a tea party if you don't have cucumber sandwiches, but for such an occasion as this I couldn't just slice little rounds of cucumber and call it a day, oh no. That simply wouldn't do. These needed to be *special* cucumber sandwiches.

So here's what I did: I used a knife to slice off a bit of cucumber skin, and then I used my vegetable peeler to slice off paper-thin strips of cucumber.

Using frozen slices of plain white bread (frozen for easier cutting and prettier slices), I spread the bread with a thin layer of cream cheese, sprinkled with a bit of dill and then started adding strips of cucumber.

When I had covered the entire piece of bread, it looked like this.

Then I cut the slices in half diagonally, and there you have it, cucumber sandwiches that look a bit more formal but are incredibly easy to make!


  1. Cucumber sandwiches with style!
    I planted some cucumbers and some dill in my garden .

  2. They are so elegant and so much nicer than the ones I've made with just round slices. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! ♥♫

  3. These are lovely and thanks for the recipe which I shall save!

  4. Those look so good and the 'slant' design really makes it! Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  5. Your cucumber sandwiches look very elegant - perfect for a "Royal" tea.

  6. me alegra de haber encontrado tu blog, voy a prepara hoy mismo el cucumber sandwich, gracias!!. por cierto soy de ESPAÑA.


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