Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pomegranate White Tea Gummy Pandas

Now who would have ever thought I'd be writing about tea-flavored gummy bears on Tea With Friends?

Well, technically they're called "Gummy Pandas," but I saw them while I was checking out at T.J. Maxx earlier this week and couldn't resist. "Pomegranate White Tea" is certainly an upscale flavor for gummy candy, isn't it?

The candies, which sell for $3.99 a bag, are from Bissinger's, a St. Louis candy company I've not tried before but which I've heard has lots of devotees. The taste was bright and sunny and fruit juice-like, reminiscent of one of those kids' drinks in the foil pouches. The package says these do contain white tea and pomegranate flavor, and they also contain tapioca syrup and black carrot juice concentrate. I've never heard of black carrots. Have you? But I have heard of gummy bears (if not pandas), and for an offbeat treat these were pretty cool!


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  2. What Fun!

    Now we need a recipe to use them at Tea Time. Gummy Bear Scones???

    I saw black, purple, white, and blue carrots in an organic seed catalog. May have to try them in my garden this year.

    Thanks for sharing your cute find, Angela.

    Mary Jane

  3. Hmmmm - grown up gummy bear candy -interesting.

    The black carrots would be good for juicing, if you could find them. I've read that they inhibit bad cholesterol and are anti-bacterial.

  4. I like Gummy Bears, I like Pandas and I love tea! What a great combination!

  5. Each day you just surprise and entertain us with your tea finds. These definitely sound delightful and good. I guess I should go shopping and maybe I would find them too.

  6. Great find, Angela - you always come through with new products -
    these sound delicious!

    Thanks for sharing & have a great day, Joanie


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