Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding Breakfast Tea

Oh my goodness, wasn't the Royal Wedding on Friday one for the ages? I had hoped for a grand event and most certainly was not disappointed! My first girlfriend arrived a little after 4 a.m., and before I knew it the others were here and we were all eagerly awaiting that first glimpse of the beautiful bride. How elegant she looked! I so admire her choice of a wedding gown, and I thought the sleeves, neckline and classical styling showed uncommonly good taste! I think those of us who watched Charles and Diana's wedding 30 years ago felt a bit like "the boys" belonged to us, too, so naturally we wanted to be there as the eldest got married! In the spirit of the day, I decorated my table with this corset-style planter since it rather resembles a wedding dress.

I really did things differently for this Breakfast Tea, and my friends seemed to like it. The night before I had prepared a Breakfast Casserole (eggs, cheese, a mild sausage), so it was ready to pop in the oven when I hit the ground running at 3:45 a.m. I'd already made zucchini bread and square-shaped blueberry muffins, which were displayed on this antique writing desk in my living room. Two of the "serving dishes" were actually metal crown-shaped decor loaned by my shopowner friend. Coffee was waiting in the kitchen for those, like me, who needed a mugful to wake up. With the "royal" teawares my friend had loaned me for the morning, this was just enough to get us going as we prepared to watch that lovely ceremony!

To my surprise and delight, the royals had made the wedding program available for free download online, so I printed out copies for all of us to follow along in the ceremony. (You can go here if you'd like to print out a copy for yourself.)

On the mantel, I had displayed a few royalty-themed collectibles. The little Union Jack teapots and "Beefeater" tins of tea were actually treats that went in my girlfriends' goodie bags along with some teacup notecards, those Will and Kate teabags I wrote about last week, and a few other goodies.

We just oohed and aahed over the wedding, and we so enjoyed speculating about what cute Harry must have been saying to his brother during the ceremony and then to Pippa when he escorted her out of Westminster Abbey afterwards. Fun, fun, fun! Eventually, it was time for my friends to join me in the kitchen and dining room. All I had set out so far was the Chocolate Crunch Cake made with Prince William's beloved McVitie's tea biscuits, so I definitely required help getting this teatime to the table. I had a second television set up by our table so we could continue watching all the post-wedding festivities and wait for the balcony kiss -- or kisses, as it turned out! (Here we were obviously watching the replay, as Carole Middleton -- whose dress I loved! -- is entering the church.)

We had Cranberry Whole Wheat Scones and Raisin Scones with whipped cream and lemon curd.

Our sandwiches included Ham Salad Mini-Croissants.

And of course we had to eat something heart-shaped, so we had Olive and Walnut Spread on Whole Wheat Bread, which remains my favorite tea sandwich so far this year!

There were Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Pinwheels, prepared the night before.

And there were the "fancy" Cucumber Sandwiches I wrote about on Saturday.

In addition to the Chocolate Crunch Cake I had made Chai Tea flavored mini-cupcakes in honor of Prince William, who is said to have developed his friendship with Kate while enjoying cups of chai tea. (Easy recipe: Use a box cake mix and add the contents of two chai teabags.)

The cupcake toppers were pieces I made myself. I printed out Union Jacks from a free download online, punched them out using a teapot paper punch, then glued a nice thick toothpick inside. Super easy!

We of course drank the Royal Wedding Blend Tea from Harney and Sons, but we also had Earl Grey in honor of Kate since I'd read that's what she used to have while Will was enjoying his chai. I poured it from this lace-design teapot, a gift from my mom, which is a musical teapot but I hadn't realized what it was playing until one of my friends pointed it out.

It was "A Time for Us," the love theme from "Romeo and Juliet." Perfect! Oh, friends, I wish you could have been here! I so enjoyed everything about the Royal Wedding, and having my girlfriends beside me as I watched made it quite a memorable day! So I'm dying to know ... what did you all think of the Royal Wedding?


  1. Oh goodness, I wish I could have attended your royal wedding party as much as the royal wedding itself as a onlooker. Though I must admit I would have taken a guest invite over anything. Your food and decor appear delectable! And I enjoyed all the bits of the occasion that I watched on TV. I watched bits and pieces of replays all day long!

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  3. What a fantastic celebration you put together and I want to be your friend! The wedding was absolutely beautiful - the blushing bride, the handsome groom, the happy go lucky best man, the stunning bridesmaid, the precious children, the Queen, the hats, oh the hats, the carriage, the pomp and circumstance. All of it! I loved it all! The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been if I could have attended your morning gathering!

  4. What a fun way to celebrate and enjoy the occasion!

  5. Your friends were lucky to be invited to your wonderful Breakfast Tea. You are a very thoughtful and well-prepared hostess. I enjoyed watching the wedding festivities beginning at 4:00 am, but I was alone in my pjs on the sofa in the TV room wrapped in a blanket -- quite a contrast to your lovely celebration. *smile*

  6. I agreewith Linda - your friends were VERY LUCKY TO BE INVITED to this lovely event!

  7. I just love,love your recipes and all your attention to detail is fabulous,you have some very lucky friends ..It was an amazing day and I for one will remember it well. Thanks for the lovely comment and visit to my blog Angela

  8. Thank you for letting us virtually attend your tea party. Sounds like everything was wonderful.

  9. Your Royal Wedding Tea was wonderful. Both the breakfast dishes and afternoon tea foods looked delicious.

    The wedding decor and attention to little details was great. What a fun time you must all have enjoyed.

    Thanks for the program link.

  10. A super spread! Wasn't cool that they released the programme on PDF? That's a modern monarchy! What a lovely time you must have had! Delicious!

  11. Oh, Angela - you have outdone yourself. How creative, beautiful and FUN!

  12. Could that teapot and table be any sweeter! I wish I had had time to have a tea myself. I'll just have to play like I was there with you. Although I'll have Lady Grey tea with my meal......teeheehee. Thanks for sharing. I'll bet the new princess would have loved to have been there as well.

  13. Angela, you out-did yourself!
    Everything looks just perfect -
    a good mix of savory & sweet,
    tea & coffee. I especially like the centerpiece, simply beautiful.
    Here's to the Royal Couple, Joanie

  14. I just discovered your blog, and I love it soo much! I've been wanting to make the switch from coffee to tea for a while, and your blog has inspired me to do so. I used to think tea is so boring compared to coffee, but you make drinking tea look so fun (with all the finger foods, fancy tea pots/cups, etc.)! I love the finger foods in this post, especially the heart-shaped sandwiches, how cute! :)

  15. What a spread, I love the look of those heart shaped sandwiches!


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