Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #14 - Ham Salad Ladyfingers

I've been tempted by the idea for quite a while. Browsing the breads and sweets at the grocery store one day, I spied a package of ladyfingers and thought "Hmmm, those are certainly the perfect size for tea sandwiches, aren't they?" While I knew these would be great with some kind of fruity cream cheese mixture, I'm now of the opinion I want to stick with all-savory tea sandwiches at my tea parties. Still, the idea wouldn't go away, and this week I experimented with a simple ham salad recipe using ladyfingers as my bread.

I happened to mention at the office that I was going to try making ham salad and was wondering what to put in it besides ham, mayonnaise and pickles. Two of my co-workers mentioned a mayonnaise-and-relish mixture which, I must confess, I never knew existed. But there it was at the grocery store, pretty as you please, and I *loved* this Duke's Sandwich Relish. Tell me, please, why I should ever again have to cut up pickles for potato salad when these good people have already done the hard work for me?

My other question was this: Leave the ham diced small or give it a whirl through the food processor? In the end, I did it both ways. While the two ham salad mixtures taste just the same, I think the food processor version, the one on the right above, is prettier.

It's also less likely to spill off the sides of the ladyfingers. I really liked the little bit of sweetness from the ladyfingers, by the way. My official taste tester agreed and called the flavor "unexpected" but said he liked it. So here's the quick and easy recipe:

Ham Salad Ladyfingers

8-ounce package pre-cooked, diced ham
4 tablespoons sandwich relish
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 package ladyfingers

Combine first three ingredients just until blended. Spread on ladyfinger cake slices. Yields about 1 cup of sandwich spread.


  1. Lady Fingers for a sandwich base ; how clever , they look so cute. I bet they taste so good too!

  2. That does sound good. I've had ham on raisin bread, but not ladyfingers. I'll have to give Duke's Sandwich Relish a try.

  3. The chopped ones do look easier to eat and since I always seem to spill, no matter what, they would be my choice. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us. Ladyfingers!!♥♫

  4. How clever you are. I think the slight sweetness of the ham would work beautifully with the lady fingers. I'll be looking for that mayonnaise now, too.

  5. Never thought of using ladyfingers for tea sandwiches. What a different idea. Always looking for something different! Thanks!

  6. What a great idea! Your Duke's spread reminds me of the old "sandwich spread." I can't remember what brand it was and I don't know if it's still available. As I recall, it was the color of a light 1000 Island dressing. Am I showing my age???

  7. What a clever idea and I think I would like it just fine with the ladyfingers. Thanks! Never heard of Duke's Sandwich Relish either.

  8. Those sound delicious to me. I love the combo of sweet and savory!

  9. These look delicious, Angela!
    I am going to try this recipe and buy some Duke's Relish - I have never heard of it before.
    Thanks for the recipe & hope you have a great weekend, Joanie

  10. What a neat idea. We are a Duke's mayo family, but I've never heard of their sandwich relish. I'll have to look for it next week at the grocery store.

  11. I love lady fingers for all sorts of things!

  12. Your idea of Duke's sandwich spread is brilliant ! Why didn't I think of that ?


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