Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #15 - Curried Egg Salad

For a while now I've been wanting to try an egg salad made with curry, and this was the week. I've learned that if you browse recipe sites on the web, it's pretty easy to decide which ingredients you do and do not wish to include, and in what proportions. I read once that most cooks tinker with a recipe before making it, so I've truly come to see recipes as "suggestions" more than "directions."

I know it's possible to overdo it with curry, but I *love* curry and wasn't too fearful. I started by flavoring the egg salad with just 1/4 teaspoon of curry, then 1/2 teaspoon, then a dash more, and finally some more sprinkled on top of the finger sandwiches. I loved it!

The other fun thing I did with this egg salad recipe was that I used it to make a filled, pocket-style sandwich using this nifty new sandwich maker from tea friend Lani in Hawaii! I paired the egg salad with slices of Honey Wheat bread from the bread aisle at the grocery store.

I soon realized I was pretty clueless with the instructions, which were in Japanese, but happily photos were on the package so I was able to figure it out. The two pieces of the sandwich cutter are used together. The large pink one is pressed down first, cutting out the two pieces of bread. Then you press down on the white cutter, which seals the two pieces together.

Isn't this a neat sandwich? It's too large to use for finger sandwiches, but if I were having a luncheon type affair and wanted a cute way to serve an entree-size sandwich, this is definitely what I would use. The second photo is of the top of the heart to show you the sealed top.

For round finger sandwiches, you know what is my all-time favorite cutter? It's this old-old-old Tupperware cup with a 2-inch diameter opening. It is perfect for cutting about three rounds from a piece of bread!

And now, here's the recipe:

Curried Egg Salad

4 hard-boiled eggs
3-4 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon curry powder, or to taste
1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
Dash of salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients in food processor and pulse until it reaches desired consistency. I like a very creamy (and easy to spread!) egg salad, but some prefer it to have a chunkier consistency. Garnish with more curry, or even paprika, if you like! Yield: 3/4 cup of egg salad.


  1. That sounds delicious. And the hear cutter is so neat. I bet my kids would like heart-shaped sandwiches!

  2. I like curried chicken salad, but have not tried curried egg. Thanks for the recipe. I think there may be a couple of those little round Tupperware cups way in the back of my spice cupboard. :-)

    Your new sandwich cutter gadget is great.

  3. I like curry...and your cute heart gadget! Nifty idea...

  4. We are curry lovers as well...and have curried chicken often...but never thought of curried egg. What a nifty sandwich maker/sealer...I have never seen that! How novel!

  5. I was making tuna salad & decided to boil a few extra eggs & try this too. It's very hot here today & this looks like a very good Saturday supper! Thanks.

  6. I noticed tiny forget-me-nots on your
    dishes ! I must plant some !

  7. Egg salad is one of my favorite lunchtime sandwiches. I will try it with a bit of curry. I'm not as big a curry fan as you.

  8. Another great recipe to try! I like the heart-shaped sandwiches, very creative. Hope you have a nice weekend, Joanie

  9. I've never thought to add curry to egg salad. I'll give it a try. The heart shaped sandwich is cute.

  10. Love the heart sandwich maker. The egg salad with curry sounds yummy.


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