Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess who's having a wedding tea!!!

Well, you just never know what fun news a day will bring, do you? I was busily editing some things at work yesterday when the receptionist called upstairs to say someone with a funny accent was on the phone and wanted to know if we had a secure line. She was told the call was of rather a confidential nature and they wanted to be sure privacy could be guaranteed. She said that as far as she knew that was the case, so of course when she told me this I was *dying* to know who was on the line.

A fellow named Nigel with a wonderful British accent came on and asked if he was speaking to Angela McRae. I assured him this was the case, and then he told me he was with Fortnum and Mason, the wonderful department store in London. I adore that store and immediately knew something exciting was afoot! Nigel works in the St. James Restaurant at Fortnum and Mason, a site famous for its elegant and delicious Afternoon Tea. It seems Nigel is busy getting ready for some special events planned in conjunction with the Royal Wedding four weeks from today. One of these events will be an American-themed tea some American friends are giving for Prince William and Kate Middleton right there at Fortnum and Mason! It turns out a cousin of Nigel's favorite niece reads my blog, and she told him to give me a call about consulting on the tea!

As you might imagine, I am simply beside myself! I love Fortnum and Mason so much I would be thrilled just to get to go there for tea again, but Nigel is actually flying me to London the week before the wedding to help with this special tea in honor of Will and Kate! I've already loaded up my suitcase with books on American teatime fare (Blueberry Scones! Country Ham and Mini-Angel Biscuits! Pimiento Cheese Finger Sandwiches!), and my biggest problem at this point is deciding what to wear since I'll be meeting the future King and Queen of England! So, friends, I need your help. What would you wear?

If you have any ideas, please send them -- and fast! -- to angelamcrae@HAPPYAPRILFOOL' Thanks so much!


  1. You got me!!! Happy April Fool's Day to you :)

  2. You are simply too clever and creative! Happy April Fool's Day to you too!

  3. Loved it! I remember when the Times Herald would publish a faux front page on April 1. I still have a couple that I thought were especially good!

  4. Oh If only it were true!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I can hardly take all that excitment and then the big letdown. I'm sure to remember that it is April Fool's Day now - have a good one!

  6. LOVE this! What a great story that would be - don't you wish it were true?

  7. Too good to be true! Happy April's Fool Day to you...

  8. You!!!!! I was drooling at the bit! You got me good with that one. I was hanging on every word! Good one girlfriend!

  9. I am visiting you today for the first time, and I am still laughing about the joke you played on your readers.....too cute and too fun!!! I am going to be your newest follower! Please, visit me sometime as I am a fairly new at this.

  10. You get me everytime! I just LOVE it! Now I am going to have to think what I would suggest you wear, silly girl.

  11. Woe...... you had me I am ashamed to say. Good one. If only, right?

    Getting my tea-creativity on....I am working on a "Go Green" tea for tomorrow.

  12. Great joke! Definitely got me, and I too was going green with envy! But what a wonderful inspiration for an April tea party, to celebrate the royal wedding.

    PS I also did think of what I would wear to such an occasion; a favorite pale pink suit.

  13. Well, you got me, I can't believe it. I was so excited for you & thought, wow, the world appreciates her as much as I do. Then the boom, I've been fooled.

  14. Well, that would have been exciting. Good story for all of us Angela.
    One of the radio stations here was phoning a contestant to tell them they won a trip to Jamaica. (true) However, the man who answered kept insisting it was a friend playing a joke on him and hung up. The radio station then phoned the next person on the list who started screaming in excitement.
    I think the wife of the guy who hung up will not be amused.

  15. Congratulations!

    I would wear something simple & classic. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

  16. Oh, Angela you are such a rascal!

    You really dupped me. I didn't read the last sentence (foggy brain) and didn't catch on until I read the first comment.

    Oooh, but I was so excited for you and us, too! This was fun. Hey, maybe you could do some posts on how you would have planned the Royal wedding tea and your trip! Hee! Hee!
    Love, Carol B.

    P.S. Oh, I think you should wear an elegant flirty black dress with a beautiful fancy hat, pearls for jewelry and a pair of designer heals. Oooh La La!!

  17. OH HOW EXCITING !!!!

    You must pack your best floral dress, vintage hat with matching flowers and tulle intertwined around the brim. Serviceable pocketbook and sturdy shoes as I am sure you will be on your feet. White wrist length gloves, a string of pearls with matching earrings. An authentic replica of the engagement ring. Last but not least your TeaTime tiara. Hobnobing with royalty they must know that you are our " Queen of American Tea"

  18. Oh Angela, you got me! Because you're such a good writer, it made perfect sense to me that someone from the Royal Family would be as impressed with you as we all are!

    Interestingly enough, wouldn't it be great if you did get that telephone call, making sure they had a 'secure' telephone line?
    Like they say in the movies, 'it could happen!' *

    *CNN is having a contest where they are picking a viewer to be their 'Royal Correspondent' & go over to Englad to help report the wedding - you would be perfect for that! Go to for the details, you may be at that wedding yet! I know I would love to hear your Wedding Coverage -
    you would provide such excellent details and I would feel that 'I was there,' through your great reporting.

    Hope you have a wonderful spring weekend and thanks for a humorous post, Joanie


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