Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #17 - Fig & Prosciutto

If you're like me, you've learned a lot more about food ingredients thanks to Food Network. Several years ago I began to notice that prosciutto, the thin-sliced Italian ham, seemed to be showing up in a lot of recipes. I've seen it used in more tea sandwiches too, and this week I decided to pair it with the taste of figs.

I found a jar of Braswell's Fig Preserves at a local grocery store, and these preserves are nice, chunky and not too overly sweet. I loved being able to see some large pieces of the figs when I mixed the preserves with cream cheese to make it nice and spreadable.

The result was a quick and easy tea sandwich that provides a nice salty-and-sweet flavor combination.

Fig & Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches

1 loaf white bread, unsliced
1 (4-ounce) package prosciutto (10 slices in the package I got)
4 ounces light cream cheese (half of an 8-ounce block)
1 heaping tablespoon fig preserves
Butter or margarine

Microwave cream cheese for about 15 seconds, add preserves, and blend well with a wire whisk. Slice bread thinly into square pieces and spread with a thin layer of butter or margarine. Add a thin layer of the fig and cream cheese mixture. Fold prosciutto slice to fit onto the bread, then top with another slice of bread spread with fig and cream cheese. Slice into triangle or finger sandwiches. Yields about 20 triangle sandwiches.


  1. That actually sounds (and looks)good!

  2. That looks good and is something a little different to add interest to the tea tray.

  3. Oh that sounds delicious. I have a variation on that which includes prosciutto, manchego cheese, and fig preserves. I love that mix.

  4. Yum. My Mom makes fig preserves every year. I'll be sure to try this sandwich.

  5. Looks delicious, Angela!
    Thanks for the recipe, Joanie


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