Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teapot & teacup cupcake baking cups

Weeks ago I was scanning eBay and began to notice sellers were offering these cute cupcake baking cups with teapots on them. Most wanted $4 or $5, plus shipping, and although I thought these were awfully cute I couldn't justify spending that much on throwaway cupcake papers.

But then Christine alerted me (in a blog comment) to the fact that these are actually available at Michaels. When I saw they were $1.99, I happily purchased two of the 75-count packages. I figured that was enough, because by the time I've made 150 of these I will be tired of them.

But here's my question: Why are the baking cup designers putting the *cute* part of the design on the bottom? I mean, sure, I'll know it's there and all, but if I get to the party, do I tell everyone to please turn their cupcakes upside down ("Watch those sprinkles, everyone!") and admire the bottom? Have they always made them this way and I'm just now noticing? But shoot, they were just $1.99, so I figured I'd sort all that out later!


  1. These are really cute. But, I agree with you -- why is the teapot on the bottom? I would have grabbed them up at $1.99, too.

  2. Those are really cute and I like the color palette. I'll have to visit Michaels soon and find some.

  3. Hi Angela,

    I thought the same thing when I saw some at HomeGoods the other day. Sometimes I open them up and turn them printed side up to use as a "holder" for a dessert. Then the cute design can be enjoyed when you pick up the dessert.

    I recently went to a cupcakery called Red Velvet in Reston VA but was a bit disappointed that they had only 8 different cupcakes. I thought a cupcake shop would have more to choose from. My lemon cupcake with coconut frosting was good, but my Mom's still "takes the cake."

    Mary Jane

  4. Good point, Angela! I've wondered that myself. I get so excited when I see those cute motifs and just wish they'd be on the sides!

  5. I agree about the design. Maybe it's to appeal to the buyer...not the eater! It worked! They are so cute...I would have picked them up as well.
    Great for Teacup Tuesday!

  6. So cute, but good question. I find that these cute little muffin cups the picture doesn't even show up very nicely after the cupcake is baked. What I am realizing is designers are using two cups per cupcake, so the outside one still looks nice. But for $1.99 I would buy them too.

  7. Cute cupcake papers and a good question. :-)

  8. Hey Angela, I like these cupcake papers, but you make a good point:
    why is the decoration on the bottom? I like the colors, too.

  9. You always find such cute stuff - you have a good eye


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