Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea goodies from Cracker Barrel

First I saw Linda's post about the new tea goodies at Cracker Barrel. Then my friend Beth e-mailed to let me know she'd seen them "live" here in my town. So when I was planning to join a friend for breakfast last week, guess where I suggested we meet?

My favorite find, for purely whimsical reasons, is this Tea Duckie. How can you not love this!

The bottom twists off to insert your loose leaf tea, and it works fine. I probably won't use this that often, but as a collector of tea infusers I thought this one was quite unique!

I also found a new bookmark, and I can never have enough bookmarks. Especially with teapots on them!

And last, I got this small (8-inch) teapot pillow which is now hanging in my craft room. If you happen to have a Cracker Barrel nearby, they also have tea-scented hand cream and bath salts, mugs, wall art, lamps and more. Definitely worth a trip for the tea lover!


  1. What fun, Angela!

  2. I glad you had as much fun at Cracker Barrel as I did!

  3. What great finds. Last time I visited Cracker Barrel, I found teacup ornaments for 70% off. It looks like it is time for another look.

    My friend Ruth just gifted me with that teapot bookmark - it is pretty.

  4. Great finds, Angela! You can't beat breakfast at Cracker Barrel and I love their gift shop.
    Thanks for the heads-up, Joanie

  5. Cracker Barrel has the cutest tea things ever. I love seeing what you find there.

  6. Very cute items. Looks like a trip to Cracker Barrel is in my future!


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