Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From 1942: "Meet You At Tea"

The year 1942 was a bit before my time, but if I'd been around back then I no doubt would have loved this booklet from the Tea Bureau, "Meet You At Tea." I was reading through its pages recently and thought you might enjoy an excerpt: "The voice of America today is quiet, firm, quick – the voice of a people with a job to do. It is a voice heard throughout the land – in the small towns and the big cities, in giant factories and small machine shops, in civilian defense headquarters and shipyards. Marching feet and droning motors and fast night trains give the rhythm to the symphony of America. America is going places. And more and more these words end brief morning conferences: 'Meet you at tea.'"

In this photo you can see that tea had gotten lots of publicity because of the vast number of newspaper clippings featuring tea. (Double click for more detail.)

The booklet includes quite a few vintage teatime recipes (and I *love* vintage teatime recipes), for things like Rolled Watercress Sandwiches and Colonial Spongelets and the unfortunately named Vitamin Sandwich. (The Vitamin Sandwich recipe actually appeals to me, though, so I'm saving it for one of my Tea Sandwich Saturday projects.)

The war years were much in evidence in this book, such as this page titled "V-For-Victory Tea, and ... May the Best Man Win!" The cutline with this picture mentions "muddlers," and I had to look that one up.

I also enjoyed this photo showing suggested items for a "tea bar" in the home. This little booklet is rather tattered and seems to have been well-read through the years, but after all this time it still encourages readers to "Meet You At Tea."


  1. What a wonderful book to own. Did you find it on E-bay or on one of your antique outings? Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. This is a great book to add to your tea library!

  3. Oh Angela, that is fascinating. What a wonderful slice of history!

  4. I just baked a cake today called Victory Cake or War Cake. It was very popular during war time because of the rationing of things like sugar, eggs and butter. I think it would make a perfect addition to a tea party!!

  5. Phyllis, it was an eBay find. (How did you guess? Ha!)

    And Amy B, I like your idea of adding Victory Cake to a tea party!

  6. So Angela, this is an ebay find?
    Too neat! You never cease to amaze me with your interesting finds. Thank you for sharing,

  7. What an interesting booklet. I love things from the 40's, especially the fashion. I've never heard of a muddler being used for tea, so that was new to me.

  8. A democracy buffet tea for all! Lurve that! Ha Ha


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