Monday, January 31, 2011

On the Alabama Antique Trail

Recently my husband said he thought it would be fun if we started going junking once a month or so, and of course I was quite game for that! Saturday morning was sunny and the weather was turning warmer (hallelujah), so we headed to northeast Alabama. We had been to two of the three antique stores we knew were in Centre, Ala. when we happened upon yet another store that wasn't on our map. I found some teacups there that were priced pretty fairly, but nothing that really bowled me over. Then, I spied a row of junky old glasses and thought I spotted a familiar pattern. Tea Room depression glass! Yes! It was the tall footed tumbler, it had no chips or nicks, and it was just $2! So now I have a clear piece to join my pink Tea Room sugar and creamer, and I couldn't have been happier. (Well, unless the tumbler had been pink, but I was still pretty happy!)

That was the find of the day, but a close second was this: two vintage Paragon mugs for just $2.50 each. I normally favor teacups over mugs, but I thought these were beautiful and at yard sale prices I had to get them.

The pink pattern is Victoriana Rose, and the blue pattern of forget-me-nots is Remember Me. Both are stamped with the royal warrant reading "By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen - China Potters."

My other find of the day was this vintage hat which I picked up for a magazine layout I have planned. I think it will be just perfect for what I have in mind.

The colors are great, and the floppy little velvet bow makes me happy.

Funny, I got home and sat it on the dining table and realized it is a perfect match for my current placemats. Maybe I'll decorate with it!

If you're ever antiquing in the Alabama area, be sure to pick up a brochure or go online to This brochure was quite helpful with its map of the whole state marking the various clusters of antique shops. It's definitely a trail worth following!


  1. Great finds, Angela - you have such a good collectors eye.
    And that hat, so pretty, it looks almost like a cake! Have a wonderful day, Joanie

  2. I love that hat! What a great find!

  3. Wonderful fun finds.Lucky you,My husband would never say"lets go junking".I would jump for joy if he ever did.Thats one thing He just dosen't get.

  4. Cool, cool. I can't wait to see more finds.

  5. Nice pieces to get! Be sure to share more of the hat-it just looks like springtime! ♥♫

  6. Love your glass, and the cups! How fun to start antiquing every week! Lucky you! Now I am in love with this hat!!!

  7. Oh my! I was so surprised when I scrolled down to the photo of the hat. Aunt Ida had one almost identicle to it, except hers was yellow and white. The riboon is the same.

  8. What fun and such beautiful pictures. Have fun exploring!

  9. Love your finds. Isn't it fun to discover new places. That hat does remind me of the hats that were worn by the ladies when I was a little girl. It would be a perfect prop for a picture. Love it.


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