Friday, June 25, 2010

A teatime wallet!

Some of my all-time favorite gifts have been things friends gave me "just because." Not because it was Christmas, or my birthday, or anything special, but "just because" they thought I'd like it. My friend Susan dropped off a gift for me at the office this week, and as I opened the gift I was thinking "Why? What's the occasion?" I could only smile when I saw the pretty print on this wallet, for my friend well knows I have the tote bag and duffel bag so *of course* I would want the matching wallet! How thoughtful!

I wish I had a source for these pieces I could share, but I can only tell you this comes from "The Mart" in Atlanta, where my friend and her family have buying privileges. Now I would have wanted this whether or not I actually needed a new wallet, but it just so happens I have been in the market for a new one anyway! I bought a cute but small wallet some months back, and the "kiss lock" closure often pops open, which is not good at all. This is the perfect replacement!

It's also great that this wallet comes with a detachable strap, so if I'm out and about and don't need to carry a purse (out flea marketing, perhaps?), this will be just the ticket.

How could you not like such a cheery yellow print?

And something I'm going to put in my new wallet? The new checks I recently ordered, one design of which features teacups! I didn't know Walmart did check printing until I began researching teacup design checks online, and I love their Simple Blessings checks. And now I even have a pretty place to keep them!


  1. The wallet is soooo cute, Angela!

  2. Those unbirthday or just because gifts are the best. How nice of Susan to add another pretty piece to your set.

    I didn't know about Walmart check printing either.

  3. You always amaze me with all the tea things you find or are given to you as gifts. A lovely gift indeed.

  4. I love it!!! It's perfect for the tea lover!

  5. What a cute wallet. I wonder what else is made with that fabric?


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