Monday, June 7, 2010

Tea & the Sea

It's hard to believe it's already been a month since my husband and I visited Orange Beach, Ala. The seashells there were more plentiful than I could have imagined, so this weekend I tried my hand at crafting my own souvenir of the trip, a teapot made with seashells I collected there.

When we arrived, we were curious about the presence of these orange oil containment booms, which would be used to help keep any possible oil arriving from the Louisiana oil spill from reaching the shore. (Side note: I got a haircut while I was there and was told my chopped hair would be going in one of the booms. Local salon owners had been asked to save the hair because a pound of hair will attract a pound of oil.) No oil had arrived during our time at the beach, but who could have imagined that a month later the oil would still be gushing!

Here is what the boom looks like from the seashore.

I hadn't realized how heavy these things would be. I tried to lift one and was surprised when it hardly budged.

But booms weren't the greatest attraction for me on the trip. The seashells were!

My favorite seashells are the ones in what I consider the classic shell shape.

I was thrilled to find these "fancy" seashells, too.

I even liked this pockmarked, thick, heavy remnant of a seashell. Sort of a Shabby Chic seashell, wouldn't you say?

And one of my greatest finds, a teeny-tiny sand dollar!

Most of the seashells were this simple design. Lovely, and with so many color variations. (I couldn't help admiring the Artist!)

When it was time to craft, I reached for an old teapot I had, quickly slapping on some acrylic paint over the gold metallic trim so it wouldn't show through. And from there, it was just hot glue galore! I have discovered the joys of the *low-temperature* glue gun, and I'll never go back.

Here's an aerial view. (But please don't look too closely or you're bound to see some of the 2,000 or so stringy strands of hot glue I missed.)

The teapot is now part of a summer vignette on the side table in the dining room.

The shells are a happy memento of a wonderful weekend in May, and a quiet reminder to pray that those beautiful white beaches along the Gulf -- and the many fine folks whose lives are tied to them -- will soon return to normal.


  1. I agree- The Artist chose wonderful shapes and colors in designing the shells for your shell teapot ! The tiny sand dollar was just waiting for you to discover it!

  2. What a beautiful teapot - and such beautiful photos! Hard to believe that the oil spill is still in the area. We pray that clean-up efforts go better. Your last photo of the beach looks just like a postcard. Have a great day, Joanie

  3. Adorable shell teapot!!!

  4. What a fabulous way to display your shell collection!! You are one very talented lady.

  5. This is absolutely adorable! I LOVE teapots and love shells. What an inspired idea.

    Very cool to learn about the orange brooms as well.

    I'm hosting a new meme called "Summer Sundays" and it's all about what summer means to YOU! It could be an inspired tea pot! Hope you'll come and join us.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Love what you did with the tea pot!!! I love tea pots and also shells, you are very talented. I have lots of shells and boxes, never thought of doing this!! Antique Rose

  7. What a fun treasure from your trip to the beach. I wish we could find that many shells on our beaches. A lovely summer decoration for your home.

  8. Your shell covered teapot is great. Is that a shark's eye serving as the lid knob? You found some nice shells - those olives and the auger are lovely. The scallop is my favorite shell.

  9. What a cute teapot! You did a great job.

  10. I've read that many salons are trying to collect hair for the coast. My son and I are both getting haircuts in the next few weeks and I want to save our really thick hair to donate too.

  11. An absolutely cool momento - you are so creative. Can you use the teapot? I keep my shells in a glass bowl, but I have a teapot that isn't very pretty and I might do this myself.

  12. Marlena, my only caution in using the shell teapot is that the heat from the tea might cause the hot glue to loosen. But, that said, if I ever have a sea-themed tea, I won't hesitate to use it -- and I can always pop those seashells right back in place, since glue sticks are cheap!

  13. Very, very cool Angela! I lurve it!


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