Friday, June 18, 2010

Teatime Jewelry Week Day 5 - Contemporary designs

To wrap up this week of posts on Teatime Jewelry, I thought I'd share a few of the more contemporary pieces in my collection. Broken china jewelry has been around for a while, but when I saw these broken china teapot pins I knew I had to have them! The backs have the sterling 925 stamp and what appears to be "J LEE." I'd love to know more about them, but I know they're pretty and that's enough for now!

This pin is by Liztech and features work similar to a teapot pin I acquired last year. I like the fact this pin is black with both gold and silver accents, because it goes with a lot of outfits.

This Betsey Johnson teapot necklace is big and flashy, and I'm not sure I have the courage to wear it just yet, but maybe one day! (Betsey also is the designer behind one of my favorite pieces of tea-themed jewelry, this charm bracelet.)

This gold teapot pin from Avon was made in the nineties, so it's not new but it's not exactly vintage either, and I wanted one while they're still easy to find. I read in a jewelry book that this is a *very rare* pin, but in my experience you can find them for a few dollars on eBay most of the time.

Another recent Avon design is this blue teapot pin and matching earrings. I love the blue and white on these!

You want to hear a sweet story about this bracelet? A few years ago, one of our newspaper/magazine readers named Betty e-mailed me that she'd come across a bracelet she thought I might like, and she was dropping it off for me next door at What's in Store, where I often shop. Isn't this pretty? And so thoughtful, too. With roses and teacups and teapots, it definitely features lots of things I love. (Including kindness!)

And another recent find, these gold earrings with teapots are a little on the gaudy side, but when I've needed gold earrings they've come in handy.

Jonette Jewelry went out of business a few years ago, but every now and then sellers seem to find some of their unsold jewelry and post it on eBay. This bracelet was inexpensive and I got it for "collectible" reasons more than anything.

And these are some Jonette Jewelry earrings I found. I believe they, too, may be unsold stock from when the company went out of business. So that wraps up my jewelry sharing for the week, and Mary Jane, I'm sorry I didn't have a day to feature tea-themed rings, but the only one I've ever found is one I've already written about. (It's here, and I still love this ring!)

To say "thank you" for permitting me this week of sharing my jewelry obsession, I want to host a giveaway! This Brighton charm bracelet comes with the same reversible teacup charm I have (see yesterday's post). If you've commented on any of this week's blog posts about jewelry, you're already entered, and you can comment on today and tomorrow's posts as well (although tomorrow's topic will be books, not jewelry). The more days you comment on, the more days you have another chance of winning! The giveaway will end at 7 a.m. EST Monday morning, June 21, and I'll announce the winner later that morning. Good luck!


  1. Your photos of tea theme jewelry
    would make a good book ! The designs
    are timeless, and will never be outdated.

  2. You really have some great pieces. I've never seen broken china teapots (I have a couple of hearts) or the Avon teapots.

    Thanks for the link so I could drool over the Betsey Johnson bracelet again. ;-) It was fun seeing your wonderful collection.

  3. I have really enjoyed seeing all your "Tea" jewelry this week!!!

  4. Really love the versatility of the Liztech one. I am going to pay more attention to tea themed out there now. Thanks

  5. Hi Angela, Thank you for sharing, I raelly loved this post. The blue and white are my favorite. Have a great weekend.


  6. What cute teapot jewelry! I love the pieces made from broken bits of china!

  7. I love your blog....learn something new everyday. YOu've made me more interested in tea pot jewelry.Thanks for sharing your delightful tea jewelry.

  8. I thought I had a lot of tea-themed jewelry, but you have me beat. You have many lovely pieces. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts this week.

  9. I hate to see this series come to an end. It's been such fun! Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us.

  10. Such beautiful pieces and each has a neat story. You have such a great eye for the unique and the pretty, thanks for sharing! It's been a fun week, Joanie

  11. Angela, your tea jewelry collection is delightful! It has been fun to see so many creative designs this week. Thanks for sharing them.
    Janet P.

  12. I think I like your broken china teapots the best today. I've seen broken china jewelry before but not the teapot. Too cute!

  13. It always amazes me at all the variations there are of tea time jewelry. How fun to see your collection.

  14. I often visit your blog to learn more about tea as I love to drink different kinds of tea from all parts of the world and it never ceases to amaze me how much there is to know about tea. Your Teatime Jewelry collection is a wonderful collection of art- I suggest a book be published to record all your lovely pieces. Love reading your blog.

  15. Thank you for sharing your teapot jewelry with us. My favorite is still the Betsey Johnson bracelet, but the blue and white Avon pieces are up there too.

    I don't remember if you ever mentioned looking at the tea related jewelry at

    That website can be dangerous for me! I love the idea of supporting artists and craftspeople.

  16. Angela, I have enjoyed every piece of tea jewelry you have shared with us. Such creative and pretty baubles to wear. Whenever I wear a piece of my tea jewelry it always seems to inspire a comment from other people (even in the grocery store). It's fun too, when you notice someone else wearing a piece of tea jewelry. It's like a secret sign that you belong to a special group of people and tea lovers are a friendly bunch!

    Thanks again for sharing your treasures.


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