Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Traveling in Tea Style

Normally when I travel I take my old faithful tapestry luggage, the wheeled pieces that can see you safely out of town or through an airport. For a quick overnight trip to visit family this weekend, however, I was able to use a great new piece of luggage that was a Christmas gift from my friend Susan.

This yellow duffel bag is absolutely perfect for a tea lover's overnight travels. It's made of a nice thick wipe-clean fabric and has sturdy brown handles.

If you like, you can attach these pretty snap-on bows to the handles -- which I did!

Susan and I were at the Mart in Atlanta last year when I bought this tote bag, although that's the only piece in this design I remember seeing. I'm so glad she remembered it when she saw the pretty matching duffel.

The tag hanging on the duffel bag was printed with a logo that said "Precious" (the brand or design name), and I'm sure there must be quite a few of these bags "out there" since they were for sale at the Mart, where they deal in large-volume sales. If you run across any other matching pieces, I'd love to know about them!


  1. How precious! (Corny, I know --but I couldn't resist.) The duffel looks like it might be large enough to become a traveling tea party when going to brighten a friend's day. Too cute --- B-)

  2. Oooooh I lurve these, definitely cuter than a plain overnight bag and boring tote bag! And ya know, those bows are cute! You lucky gal. I'll definitely keep my eye out for those!

  3. Oh my! Perfect for the travelin' tea gal.

  4. What a great bag! It's so perfect for you. The bow's add such a "precious" touch. Ha!
    What a good friend that Susan is.

  5. Love your bags. You'll have to plan more short trips so you can use them more often.

  6. That is a great duffel bag - such cute fabric and the snap-on bows are a nice touch.

  7. A very lovely travel set. How lucky you are to have found that.

  8. Great travelin' bags! I will be on the look out for these - very nice. And the bow gives it a neat look. Thanks for sharing,


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