Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teatime Jewelry Week Day 2 - Vintage Bracelets

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? Without a doubt, mine is the bracelet, and I've so enjoyed finding a few with a tea theme. This silver "T 4 2" bracelet is known as "letter jewelry," according to a book I read, because the letters spell out a message. The ball-shaped silver teapot charm is a very common tea jewelry design, and I have lots more of these to share in the coming days.

These gold and silver bracelets feature similar styles of chunky teapot charms and thick rope style chains. Once, I was speaking on tea to a local women's civic group and happened to be wearing the chunky bracelet at left. I can't speak without using my hands, and that big gold teapot charm was banging around the entire time, so I'll be sure to wear something daintier next time I do some public speaking! (The bracelet can also be used as a self-defense weapon.)

This gold and pearl bracelet, signed "Coro" on the clasp, is a favorite. But I must point out I'm not really sure just what sort of pot that is. It's really too tall to be a teapot, it's a little fancy to be a coffeepot or water jug, and the spoons and forks make me think "tea" is a better fit. So while I don't personally collect those tall coffeepots, I do permit a few into my tea jewelry collection--especially when the identity is unclear!

This Monet silver bracelet features that ever-popular ball-shaped teapot charm in the center of an etched circle.

Another of my favorite pieces is this gold Sarah Coventry bracelet. The charms have a nicely etched design, and it's one of the few pieces I've seen featuring a tea bag as part of the design.

I think of this gold bracelet as my "Call me and let's do tea!" bracelet. Why else would you have a coffeepot, teapot, teacup ... and telephone? And again, there is that ball-shaped teapot.

If you'd like to know more about these pieces, check out "Charmed Bracelets" by Tracey Zabar and you'll be even more charmed by this lovely jewelry. And if you do have a charm bracelet, I'd love to hear a description of it!


  1. These are so pretty, Angela. You have the best 'shopper's eye' for the unique and the beautiful.
    Hope you are keeping cool on these hot days, Joanie

  2. Oh my! I thought your tea-themed brooch collection was amazing, and your bracelet collection definitely rivals it.

    I only own three tea-themed bracelets. Two are "stretchy" silver beaded charm bracelets [no clasp closure]. They were a Christmas present from my granddaughter. The third bracelet is crystal with a teapot charm made by Linda J.'s talented daughter.
    I also have a tea-themed watch that I saw in a catalog and my kids ordered it for Mother's Day a few years back.

  3. I love your jewelry. Thanks for sharing everything. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.

    I have two charm bracelets: one gold one my husband gave me while we were still in high school and a silver one Mary Jane Miles gave me when I was helping her with operettas. The old one has mementos of places that my husband and I have visited and charms related to our two children. The silver one has items to remind me of the plays I've been involved with and other music-related items. Both are treasured pieces.

  4. Fun to see your bracelets. I have one silver tea themed one my daughter gave me when we started the tea ministry . My other charm bracelet is charms that represent travel destinations. It gives me something to search for in gift shops -but sometimes I get them on Ebay after a trip!!

  5. I love bracelets, too. And, like you I talk with my hands. So I have to be careful with clunky, noisey bracelets. Yes, I have charm bracelets. Several are tea charm bracelets. Nearly every girl I knew in junior high or high school in the 1960's had a charm bracelet. I still have mine from 1965.

  6. A friend just gave me a lovely tea charm bracelet, and I love it!!

  7. Your bracelets are lovely. I do not have a charm bracelet but I always wanted one growing up. I considered starting one for myself in college but it was not in the budget. Maybe I'll start one in the future.

  8. Your bracelets are all lovely. My favorite is one you didn't show (it's not vintage) - your Betsey Johnson tea party bracelet. :-)

  9. Love the teapot with the pearl at the bottom. Very different...

  10. Your bracelets are lovely - such a variety of styles. I have one charm bracelet that was made by a friend. It has 'teapot' charms created with glass beads and silver tops, handles, and bases.
    Janet P.

  11. These are all charming! My girl friend is a huge fan of vintage accessories, and I think she’ll love all these stuff. I actually tried to make a personalized bracelet with a vintage touch as a gift for her. It wasn’t that perfect, but she liked it. Well, at least I think she did. :P


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