Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teawares for the tea garden

One of my Christmas gifts from my parents last year was a garden-themed trio designed by Judith Glover, a set similar to the one I showed earlier this year. I've been saving this set, though, to use in my little tea garden that is underway. My small, fenced garden won't be quite ready for Better Homes and Gardens for a while, I'm afraid, but for now I can report that the Cup and Saucer Vines have finally climbed to the top of the fence and should actually bloom around mid-summer. The 'Teatime' Four O'clocks are growing well, but it's too early for blooms on those, too. So meanwhile, I've worked on furnishing the tea garden with a newly spraypainted iron table and chairs ("Celery" is the color) and these whimsical Judith Glover pieces. I like to think the lady gardener and the flowerpots represent me and my little gardening efforts!

Here's the other side of the teacup. (She looks much perkier than I do after a hot and humid evening of garden work, by the way. Let's just say I'm "glistening" when I get through!)

And here is the matching dessert plate.

I love the sentiment shown here!

Also love the sentiment with the flowerpot graphics.

And here's my gardener lady again. In the background you can see some moss. My little table and chairs sit atop a concrete slab, and I decided to "frame" the slab with a border of moss. We have lots of moss near the creek at back of our property, so that was no problem, but *something* is picking up my moss and tossing it all over the place when I'm away! I'm guessing squirrels or chipmunks, but my husband thinks the moss is so lightweight some birds could be pulling it up while looking for worms. Now I hate to have to hot glue my moss down, but if this keeps up ...

Recently, my sister was discussing with my almost-5-year-old niece, Amelia, the fact that Amelia will be in kindergarten this fall. Amelia wanted to know about her older sister, Cari, and asked, "Which garden will Cari be in?" Don't you love that? And I hope they will all at least visit in MY garden eventually!


  1. Do you have some teacup hostas in your tea garden? A tea-themed garden, what a wonderful idea! Your house is tea-themed inside and out!

  2. What a sweet story! A tea garden, for a tea lover...great idea! Have a nice day, Joanie

  3. That Judith Glover set is very pretty. Your tea garden sounds so lovely - can't wait to see it when everything starts blooming.

    I like that "celery" color that you painted your table and chairs. Hope you can find a solution to your moss-tossing mystery.

  4. I like your garden set. Have you thought about pinning the moss down? You could use some of those pins that are made for pinning down sod or landscape fabric. I don't know the correct name. They are shaped like a giant U and usually sold and Lowes or Home Depot beside the landscape fabric.

  5. What a great tea set for the garden, love it.


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