Friday, May 8, 2009

Tea with yellow roses

Yesterday I was packing up my bags to leave the office for the afternoon when our receptionist called up to ask, somewhat mysteriously, if I could come downstairs. I told her I just happened to be packing up to leave for the day and would be there in a minute. I always wonder if such a request means a) an old friend has dropped by for a visit or b) some review copy of a book I've ordered has arrived. Yesterday, it was neither of those scenarios. Instead, a large box marked "Fragile" was sitting on the counter, and it had a card and a gift for me, this lovely tea-for-one set I'd been admiring at Barnes and Noble!

This sunny set comes in a matching hatbox, both featuring gorgeous, full-blown yellow roses. Since yellow roses symbolize friendship, I have always thought they make very appropriate gifts to one's friends. But who is this friend? The card simply wished me a belated "Happy Birthday" and was signed "All your fans of Tea Time." I do have a sneaky suspicion I know who is behind this gift, so IF this sweet lady happens to be reading today, THANK YOU! I had a cup of Harney's Winter White Earl Grey tea out of this set last night (the tea was one of my birthday gifts from my friend Deberah), and I must say I greatly enjoyed having "Tea With Friends," quite literally!


  1. I love yellow roses! This tea for one is so pretty.

  2. That is a very pretty tea-for-one set. The blue print is perfect with the yellow roses and the matching hatbox is great.

  3. Oh, that tea set is sweet as can be! I have a dear friend who's from Texas, and I always call her "The Yellow Rose of Texas" after the old song. This gift would be right up her alley. I think I'm heading for my local Barnes and Noble, and see if they have it there! What a great gift!
    And how nice that you have a secret someone who sent it to you!

  4. I love that it came with a hat box. It's just gorgeous, and much deserved!

  5. Dear Angela, hope you had a Happy Birthday - you bring so much joy to so many readers! We appreciate you, Joanie


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