Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inspired by "robin's egg blue"

Over at Steph's Cup of Tea, our friend Steph is inspiring us all to look at the color in our world, and I've decided to play along. Her first color theme is "robin's egg blue," a shade I just love. At first I didn't think I had anything much I could share, but when I started thinking about this color palette in my head, I realized I really do have a fondness for this color. Here's proof:

A tea set with blues that vary from baby blue to robin's egg blue to palest blue.

One of my favorite teaspoons, a 99-cent find from Cracker Barrel.

A robin's egg blue-edged tea trivet I found at an antique mall at the beach last year.

Marie Belle's chocolate rose tea.

My Sereni-tea mug.

And matching teabag holder.

An afghan I made last year to match the new robin's egg blue living room walls.

A vintage Avon tin (from a shelf in my bathroom) that appealed to me because of the color and the roses.

In the craft room, a robin's egg blue crochet hook and some pale robin's egg blue fabric with ... bird eggs!

A favorite block from my in-progress crazy quilt which has robin's egg blue in this underwater scene. (Fellow crafters, I scanned this one high-res so you can double-click for more detail if interested.)

Some of my favorite costume jewelry earrings.

And to wind things up and bring it back around to tea: This teapot pin has a robin's egg blue body. So now I don't think I have a thing left to share until Steph devotes a week to pink!


  1. what fun! I enjoyed seeing all of your examples of the robin's egg blue color.

  2. All beautiful, but, I especially love your first picture of your three piece tea set, and that lovely crazy quilt you are creating. Both of them are just too pretty.

    Are you sure there is enough page space here (not to mention time!) for you to show off your PINK treasures?

  3. Your examples for the color of the week are lovely. The crazy quilt block is exquisite (can't wait to see the whole quilt). What plans do you have for the pretty bird eggs fabric?

  4. Thanks, y'all! And you know, Maureen, I actually don't have any plans for the bird fabric yet ... I just knew I loved it when I saw it and had to have a couple of yards! I have so many quilt patterns featuring teacups and teapots that I suppose I ought to choose one of them, but would it be weird to mix those two themes? Or should I just opt for a traditional quilt pattern? Suggestions, anyone?

  5. I do the same thing - that's why my fabric stash is so big. You are probably right about keeping a tea theme quilt all about tea.

    You could use your bird eggs fabric with soft florals, pastel solids and nature prints. It would make a lovely table runner or placemats for a spring tea and you have lots of robin's egg blue tea things. ;=)

  6. Wow, you really do like this shade of blue! NICE stuff too.
    LOVE the picture too.

  7. Lovely! I am fascinated with crazy quilting! I would love to learn how to do that one day! Yours is truly beautiful!

  8. Oh, each and every one of those is SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I LOVE the robin's egg blue you shared! The afghan you made is beautiful...I love the colors! I always struggle with color.. you aced it!

  10. Oh, that crazy quilt is gorgeous! Thanks for the close up photo to see the details: wow! Have a great weekend, Joanie


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