Friday, May 22, 2009

The English Roses: Charlotte's Blend

Do you remember several years ago when, in one of her ever-changing stages of life, Madonna began to try her hand at writing children's books? I never actually bought one of the books, but I did flip through them at the bookstores enough to know they were called "The English Roses" and had various girl characters. I was intrigued by the books, as I am by Madonna herself, and I was equally intrigued by the fact Harney and Sons came out with a line of teas based on the books. I never bought one of the teas, either, but I did receive one as a gift from a friend recently.

"Charlotte's Blend" is a caffeine-free "tea" that is raspberry flavored. When I opened the tin, I couldn't help thinking the sachets look like little packets of birdseed.

Lucky for me, this raspberry blend tastes quite nice. I love raspberry tea but often find it to be so sour it's downright pucker-worthy. This was just a nice, mellow, raspberry flavored tea. Harney doesn't appear to carry this in its catalog anymore, so I'm lucky I got a tin before they've disappeared.


  1. The books sound vaguely familiar, but I've never heard of the tea. I like the little tin - perfect for carrying in your purse.

  2. I think it's kind of funny how Madonna fashions herself a Brit accent these days. :-)

  3. I was at Harney's Tasting Room in Millersberg, NY about the time they were carrying it. I also was intrigued that they were doing a Madonna tea and were selling the books. I bought a book, but not the tea.


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