Thursday, May 28, 2009

Filet Crochet Teapot Potholders

Recently I was crocheting a small blanket as a gift for a family member. The pattern is a simple filet crochet heart design, in which you use open spaces and solid spaces much as you do with cross-stitch or needlepoint to create a design. As I was working on it, I wondered why I have never seen a crocheted afghan with a filet crochet teapot design. "Maybe I'll make one," I thought (like I don't have enough to keep me busy!). The next day, I was trolling Etsy for old tea stuff and found not one but two teapot potholders in filet crochet -- somebody obviously had the idea long before I did -- and best of all, they were just $1 each! This one with a large teapot is my favorite.

But I also like this one with its smaller center teapot and the stylized flowers, at least I think they're flowers, in the corners. (Be sure to double-click if you're a needleworker who wants to see more detail.) Both of them are backed with light blue cotton and have some sort of filling inside, but I won't be using these for anything without a thorough soaking in detergent first! I still think I'd like to chart my own design and crochet a teapot afghan, maybe as a project for this fall or winter. Unless, that is, I find the afghan already made for $1 on Etsy!


  1. What an incredible bargain find for you! I've just recently taught myself how to crochet and I have see filet designs mentioned. I think I'll have to give this craft a try.

    Thanks for sharing your finds! :)

  2. What a pretty find and such a bargain. Charting your own design for a teapot afghan would be very satisfying, but I think I'd want to find the Etsy one. ;=)

  3. Angela you find the BEST stuff! And those cookies from yesterday are too cute- you did a fantastic job! I really don't like to bake cookies, I don't know why- I just don't, but I do need a good sugar cookie recipe for my rose sugar icing, can you share yours? The only two recipes I have both end up tasting like cardboard.

  4. Scots refer to this item as a tea cozy. Put it over the teapot and it keeps the tea warm. Good especially in colder houses, where the room temperature will cool off the tea.

  5. I didn't point this out, Gail, but this piece really *is* a potholder because it's sewn around on all sides, and is small, about 5 x 7 inches. I did, however, make a filet crochet tea cozy myself last year (May 13, 2008, if anyone is interested in that post!).


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