Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's "Hello, Yellow!" Tuesday

When Steph first wrote of the special color-themed Tuesdays she is hosting over at her Steph's Cup of Tea blog, I wondered if I would have anything to contribute. Last week I knew I could come up with a few things in robin's egg blue, but yellow? Well, I started looking around and discovered I have quite a few yellow things related to tea, including a piece from my most-treasured tea set, my Royal Winton Welbeck teapot.

Other yellow goodies: These napkins my mom made for me in a Welbeck print fabric found at Jo-Ann about 10 years ago or so.

A French glass candy jar still bearing a few leftover Easter candy corns.

A tablecloth I found on Etsy a while back (but to be honest, I thought the photos were accurate and expected an *ivory* background. If I'd only read the description more carefully!).

Sandy Lynam Clough hatboxes on a shelf in my bathroom.

And a favorite tole tray, also in the bathroom.

Finally, I love the yellow and orange bits (pineapple chunks and dried orange peel) dotting the landscape of my favorite tea in the world, Emperor's Bride from The Tea Room in Savannah (recently restocked thanks to a generous gift from my friend Kathy).

And please note: Tomorrow "Tea With Friends" will have a special guest blogger you won't want to miss!


  1. OOooo, You KNOW yellow is my all time favorite color even over pink! I posted a few things. BUT if your yellow bathroom items come up missing, well, uh, I won't be held responsible. Don't come looking here. I can't control myself, I just can't! LOL!!!!

  2. Everything looks so elegant and lady-like!

    Very, very pretty! :)

  3. Deberah WilliamsMay 19, 2009 at 9:22 AM

    I really love the yellow items. I think yellow goes with so many things! A guest blogger? How exciting! I can't wait!

  4. Your Welbeck teapot is beautiful and how nice to have linens to match. All your photos are so pretty. I also like Emperor's Bride tea. Brenda, at A Time Remembered tea room (now closed) sold a very similar tea that I would purchase each visit.

    Can't wait to see who your guest blogger is.

  5. I spy that teapot in your header graphic! Great post and thank you for playing!

  6. I have that same yellow teapot. I love it. Yellow is my favorite color. I have a friend that knows that and she brings me yellow things, such as linens, teacups, and fun surprises she finds at Goodwill.

  7. I remember the china pattern printed fabrics of years ago. I still have some in my fabric stash.

  8. Yay, Emperor's Bride! The BEST tea ever!

  9. I do love that yellow Welbeck pattern. After Victoria magazine had stopped promoting their reproduction pieces of that pattern, I walked into my local TJMaXX one day, and found a huge platter in the pattern, plus four dinner plates! I grabbed the whole lot, and am still amazed at my luck! Love your teapot!


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