Friday, May 15, 2009

Loving Tea & Chocolate

Sometimes a girl's just got to have some tea and chocolate. I was lucky that for my birthday last week, my friend Deberah's gift included (among other yummy treats) some of each! This Winter White Earl Grey Tea from Harney & Sons pairs beautifully with this dark chocolate from Ghirardelli. I don't remember where I first heard to always drink something hot when eating chocolate because it magnifies the flavor, but it's a tip I firmly believe in.

My friend Ashly, well-known for her excellent baking skills, brought me some great souvenirs from her recent trip to Germany, tucked into a lovely gift box along with some delicious chocolate chunk cookies. The Earl Grey tea was perfect with them, too!

And last but certainly not least, my sister Rhonda's family know that I'm a big fan of all things chocolate, so their birthday gifts included this clever mug and T- (or should I say tea?) shirt. And that's all for today. I have to go find some chocolate!


  1. It's great when people really know what you like. You received some nice gifts. Ashly's home made cookies look yummy.

    The last chocolate/tea gift I received was chocolate Chai truffles.

  2. Now I'll have to go bake something chocolate. Wish I had some "good" chocolate to bake with- well, I'll make due with what I have. Chocolate- here I come!!!

  3. Oh my ,for the love of all that's good chocolate....tammyp!! Happy belated Birthday to you Angela!!!!! :-) I hope it was wonderful for you.

  4. Chocolate and tea do indeed go well together. I walked through the Ghiradelli chocolate shop in SF last Sunday and said I would go back for chocolates and then didn't. Oh how I wish I had. They had this jar of the best looking caramel sauce that would have been so good.

  5. I am just catching up tonight -- I love your tea and chocolate, the robin's egg blue and tea with your friends posts from this week.


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