Monday, August 18, 2008

Roses & Acorns

Now that my enthusiastic support for Michael Phelps has succeeded in helping him win those eight gold medals, I can return to thinking about other important things like tea parties (I've got one coming up in a week) and decorating for the golden season that's just around the corner. When my mom and I went antiquing last weekend (the Rome/Adairsville area), I found THE perfect platter for fall teas. It's a nice size, about 9 x 13 inches, and it features the roses I so love intermingled with the oak leaves and acorns of fall.

This platter has an interesting edge treatment. It's got an iridescent green finish (which is hard to photograph, I learned), but it looks like leaves were somehow stenciled onto the edge. Can you see them? I hope so, because I think they're really pretty.

There's some crazing too, but no chips or cracks, so I'll probably use this for serving scones or madeleines.

Perhaps I was just weary of summer, but I definitely had other seasons on the brain during that shopping jaunt. I rarely buy anything with red in it, but this small teapot was just $3 and said "Christmas decor" to me.

Closer to home (Gail's Antiques in Senoia), I found this sweet pink teacup and saucer with roses. It's not like I *needed* another pink teacup and saucer, but when I find a really pretty one for a good price, I just look at it as stocking my future tearoom!


  1. Enjoyed your presentation at Kiwanis last Thursday morning. I have tea parties now and then with both a grandson and granddaughter; they love little sandwiches and even give the "lukewarm" tea a try. Come back and be with again soon.

    Sandra Kennedy

  2. What beautiful finds! I'm partial to the pink roses teacup. When I started collecting teacups, I narrowed it down to those with pink roses. They are so pretty, aren't they?

  3. Your new platter is beautiful. Enjoy!

  4. The platter is lovely and would make a really pretTea presentation for scones, etc.

    I know what you mean about the pink rose teacups. I found an Allyn Nelson with pink roses and lilac and couldn't resist it, especially at the yard sale price.

  5. All cute stuff!


  6. very nice and cute stuff i really love this.


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