Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't teaze me, bro!

I'm all out of China-themed blog posts for this first week of the Summer Olympics, but I do have a new tea gadget to discuss that is marked "Made in China." Does that count? I had heard of the Tea-zer Tea Tumbler a while back, but it wasn't really on my radar until I saw it at my local Publix. First I saw blue ones at the Lower Fayetteville Road Publix, and a day later I found this clear one at the Thomas Crossroads Publix, for $12.99.

The hangtag calls this "the only loose tea brewer that travels!" but anybody who's ever made loose tea in a Bodum tea press tumbler knows this simply isn't true. I like the Bodum tumblers pretty well, but I have on occasion forgotten and left one hidden on a corner of my desk at work for as long as a week, allowing the tea leaves to somehow infiltrate the mesh plunger and ruin the whole thing. What appealed to me about the Tea-zer was the fact the stainless steel infuser basket is removable, and you're left with a simple plastic tumbler to sip from.

I do think the double wall Tea-zer has possibilities, but I wish they would use a fine mesh basket instead of one with holes so big. I made Mango Tango Tea because it's a pretty coarse blend, but it wasn't so coarse that I didn't end up with a few floating tea leaves in my tumbler. One improvement I see with this tumbler over other styles is that it has a "sip lid" with both a regular slot for sipping and also a slot with holes that can catch any stray tea leaves. So even though I *saw* the stray tea leaves, I didn't actually *sip* any stray tea leaves. Do you obsess over your tea drinking vessels as much as I do? Yes, I thought so. Now, can we all raise a teacup (or tea tumbler, as it were) to Michael Phelps as he goes for medals # 7 and 8?


  1. What a cute title for todays post. The Tea-zer Tumbler looks interesting - I'll have to look for it at my local Publix. I would choose the clear, so that I could enjoy the color of the brew, as well as the flavor. Too bad they wouldn't make the infuser basket like the "Swiss Gold" mesh infusers. I use mine all the time and it is great for even the smallest leaf loose tea.

  2. Very cool! I like the look of this!

  3. Enjoy your new Teazer. Just wanted to give you a heads up that it won't last forever. I had a red one but sadly it died after a few years of every other day use. The double walls started to get cracks in them and tea leaked between. I didn't drop it and always hand washed it. But for the price (I paid $9), I didn't expect it to last a lifetime. I agree with you about the infuser basket, it's not very useful.

    The BEST portable tea thermos I own is by Nissan.
    I've had it longer than I had the Teazer (and I used it every other day when I had the Teazer, now I use it everyday). It fits great in my car's cup holder. I should buy another one.

  4. I have been looking at all the different types of travel tea tumblers, the Tea-zer included, and I just can't find one that has all the qualities I desire, like the fine mesh infuser. Since I love drinking loose teas, this is what works for me: I use this thermal tumbler: which keeps my tea hot for hours, and my Finum medium sized fine mesh infuser: I can't brew while on the run with this method, so I have my back up method, which is to use a disposable paper filter that I fill myself, like a T-sac. I also carry a tea wallet filled with various tea bags. I never want to be without the means to make a good cup of tea wherever I am.

    I really enjoy reading your blog!


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