Friday, August 29, 2008

"Souvenirs" from Aunt Laura's

Yesterday my friend Beth and I made a trip to Fayetteville and enjoyed our second time of taking tea at Aunt Laura's Sweet Shoppe and Tea Room. We enjoyed the good food and service we experienced before, and "Aunt Laura's mom" asked us our review of a new finger sandwich she was serving: cream cheese with orange marmalade and pecans on dark bread. We both reported we liked it, and she seemed very pleased. Everything was quite tasty, but I was truly impressed with their homemade petits fours, which were as light and moist as you'd ever hope to eat, not the rock-hard petits fours you often get. I bought a few things in the gift shop area, a cookie and some silverplated rose teaspoons, and they came home in this sweet little bag.

You know from earlier in the week I like to collect tea room business cards (and I don't remember getting one from here before), so I tucked a business card in my purse. When I got home, I did something I wish I'd done with all the others: I wrote on the back the date and the name of my tea party friend.

Their cookies were so pretty it made me want to get out my own cookie baking supplies, and I also got these silver teaspoons that are just like some gold ones I already own. Last time I was in the shop I bought some tea, which is probably my favorite tea room "souvenir," but I also like to buy accessories like these teaspoons. In fact, my top three "tea room souvenirs" would probably be tea, accessories for the tea table, and books on tea. What are your favorite tea room souvenirs?


  1. I just love the business card. The art work is so nice.

    I wish I lived closer and could pop in too.

    That is a very nice idea to put on the back of the card the date and who you had tea with. I hope I remember to do that!


  2. I've made my mind up. I'm putting Aunt Laura's on my calendar today!

  3. I agree with Candyce--the artwork is darling and creative!
    One of my favorite tea room souvenirs is a cookbook filled with recipes used by the tearoom. It is from the Swan House in Findlay, OH. Alas, they closed this wonderful refuge this past March. Susan T.

  4. Aunt Laura's does seem to have improved with age. I enjoyed my last visit very much. I haven't tried the petit fours - they sound yummy.

    I also like to bring home a new tea from my tea room visits. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to find a new mini cup and saucer or teapot for my tea tree in the tea room gift shop. I like to look for new tea books, as well.

    That pretty teapot cookie makes me want to try baking some too.


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