Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A new teapot pin

Late in the spring, I came across a book about costume jewelry that set me off on a whole new world of collecting. Although I was initially just interested in learning more about rhinestones and other sparkly things, I also developed a new appreciation for all manner of jewelry designs. My latest favorite piece doesn't have a single rhinestone in it, but I think the design is just amazing.

This little pin is just about 1-1/4 inches in diameter, yet I think it packs a world of design creativity into this tiny space. I hope you can tell from the photos, but the teapot and teacup rest on a "shelf" or perhaps a "tea cloth" that drapes down. Now who thought to fold sterling silver to create the effect of a real tea setting? I even love the tiny little spoon sitting between the teapot and teacup. And the moon you can see through the window (well, actually "on" the window, but that's OK). I just love this piece, which is marked "W CASSIUS," about whom I can find nothing on the Internet. A new mystery to solve! I did see some very modern design W CASSIUS earrings listed on eBay, but that didn't really tell me anything.

Do you have a favorite piece of tea themed jewelry? If so, what does it look like? And if you know anything about W CASSIUS, please share!


  1. That pin is absolutely tea-licious! At first I thought you were going to tell us where we could all purchase one...but alas, it appears to be a one-of-a-kind, I guess. Lucky You for finding it!
    (You DO seem to have a knack for tracking down all these wonderful tea-related items.)

  2. Love your tea pin. I purchased my favorite tea themed piece when we first moved down south to Winder, GA. There was a little shop on the main street. I think it was called Evan's Jewel Box. I had them special order a gold teapot that I wear on a long chain. It looks like some of the antique silver pots with little feet.

    I have some botanical prints and I also can't find any info about the artist. Good luck finding more history for your pin.

  3. That is lovely!
    Initially, I got the impression that the "crescent moon thingy" was a curtain caught in a breeze... I'd like to sit there with my cuppa and look out at the view. Wonder what it would be - a garden, a farm, a river, a city street... :)
    Thank you for sharing!


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