Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready to try some new teas?

Today at lunchtime, I'll be going to a tea room with a friend for lunch. I'm looking forward to catching up with my friend and seeing what this tea room is up to these days, but I'm also looking forward to trying a new tea or two.

After drinking gallons of iced tea this summer, I'm starting to get a hankering to trade in my pretty iced tea glasses for some cups and saucers and brew up some steaming cups of tea with cinnamon and spices and cranberries and other "fall" tasting flavors. And that brings me to a great new resource that some of you may wish to check out.

Do you subscribe to the World Tea News? You can sign up at, and you'll get an information-packed e-mail in your in-box each week, and no junk. This week's e-mail contained a link to the World Tea Buyer's Guide, which reviews 200+ teas entered in this year's World Tea Expo competition. This is a free download, and you can read a summary and/or download it here. If you try one of these new teas, please share your review!

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