Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New tea cosmetics

Over the weekend I was in a Publix in Gainesville when I spotted the famous "clearance rack" I have learned to visit at all Publix stores. Leftover summer toys and things were popular here on Lake Lanier, but of course I had to check out the entire clearance rack to satisfy myself there were no good buys to be had. And then, Eureka! I found Alba's aloe and green tea oil-free moisturizer on sale for $6.50 (retail price: $16.95). I checked the label and camellia sinensis leaf extract is indeed an ingredient.

I was surprised to discover such a noticeable floral scent on this facial product. I happen to really like the scent, but I'm betting others would prefer no scent, so if you come across this product you might want to be aware of this particular feature. It's a lightweight moisturizer, and so far I'm very happy with it. I'm rather surprised I haven't heard of Alba cosmetics before. Does anyone have any other experience with Alba's line?

And technically this doesn't count since tea isn't actually an ingredient, but I thought you might be amused to see what hair color I use! (Yes, all my secrets are revealed on this blog. Only you and my hairdresser will really know for sure ...)


  1. That was a nice find on the clearance rack. I always check to see what is on the clearance rack at my local Publix too. Recently I found some Healing Garden Relax Therapy green tea body wash. I like it, but I don't think that tea is listed as an ingredient.

    I love the Cool Tea haircolor and am curious to see what shade of amber it is. How fun! Now, if it was green tea haircolor.......

  2. I didn't think it had tea in it, until I just looked and it does. It contains camellia sinensis (green tea). I love Alba's Very Emollient Unscented Original Body Lotion. http://albabotanica.com/?id=66&pid=373

  3. I have been using Alba products for about 4 years and I really like them. Alba and its sister company, Avalon, are moving to a paraben-free line (consistent with EU standards). I really like the scent of this product and its light-weightness. This was a GREAT find for you!


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