Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Talking tea in Senoia

Last Thursday night, I had the pleasure of speaking about teatime to members of the Senoia Area Historical Society. The meeting was held at the society's headquarters house. It was quite rewarding to be speaking at the house when, 25 years ago, I was a young reporter writing about the society's efforts to restore the house and turn it into a museum. Today, it is a reality! Here I am visiting with SAHS member Jane Hutchinson Arnold.

The historical society is having a "Tea on the Porch" fundraiser on Saturday, where I will help judge the Hat Contest, so my talk on "Traditions & Teatime" was supposed to help get everyone in a teatime mood. I arrived early and am so glad I did, because I went around the museum snapping a few photos I thought you might enjoy seeing, like the pretty blue teawares that were decorating two mantels in the room where I spoke!

Aren't these pieces lovely? I so enjoy seeing all the different patterns of the blue teawares.

The historical society has done a magnificent job with their museum, and I thought it quite fitting that one of the first things you see is an old movie projector which pays tribute to Senoia's role as a television show and movie mecca locally. Which shows were filmed here, you ask? Perhaps you've heard of "Driving Miss Daisy" or "Fried Green Tomatoes"? And I happen to know at least some of you are big fans of "The Walking Dead," which has created lots of buzz in Senoia in recent years!

I didn't see any zombies in the museum, thank goodness, but I did see lots of terrific exhibits, including this one featuring vintage clothing.

I couldn't help noting this beautiful gown is an "Afternoon Tea Gown," which certainly put me in the mood to think about afternoon tea on a southern porch this Saturday! Oh, and one more tidbit from the evening that I must share. Before the meeting began, I enjoyed a conversation with a lovely woman named Gloria and her daughter who were visiting the museum for the first time. Gloria is from England, and when I told her about my visit there earlier this year, she mentioned playing on the grounds of Windsor Castle as a child, and how she and her friends would actually climb the tower back in the day! Can you imagine? I had so much fun talking to her, and after the meeting she invited me to a Christmas tea she will be hosting at her home. (And yes, I'm planning to go!) It is so, so fun to meet new friends over such a delightful topic as teatime!


  1. Fun photos and history - love the tea gown!

  2. Nice things to peruse in the museum and I like the afternoon tea dress at the end too.
    The emerita ladies of our master gardener group are meeting at one of the homes for an afternoon tea in a couple of weeks which should be fun.
    Lots of pictures of the hats you're judging please!

  3. What a wonderful museum, I'm glad to see they have blue and white china on display. That tea gown is beautiful, too. And you made a new tea friend, which is even better! I'm sure they enjoyed your talk and that you'll have fun judging the hats. I hope to see some of them on your blog soon.

  4. What a fun time! I wish I had been able to be there! Looks like a neat museum and how fun that you were returning to old haunts. Great displays!

  5. Oh my word, Angela! I am just grinning from ear to ear! How AWESOME!!!!!!!

    What a fun and happy post, I am so happy for you in every way.

  6. How cool! Wish I could hear you.

  7. Yes, I agree, tea friends are so special. What a lovely museum. There is something special about local museums.

  8. As always Thank You for sharing. I can't say it enough. I so enjoy your Blog.

  9. I wish I was there to hear you speak too! Tea time with a new tea friend from England -- so special- Exciting. Cannot wait to hear all the details and pics too!

  10. Looks like a lovely museam. The vintage clothing looks great.

  11. What a wonderful speaker you must have made. I truly enjoy your posts and again thank you for the English receipe book you sent me from your recent giveaway. It is a treasure.
    With a joyful heart,
    Sylvia Faye

  12. Hello Angela, thanks for sharing this great post! I had read about your upcoming talk and was hoping to attend but I had to work. With your photos and cut lines, I feel like I was there (in Spirit!)

    That museum looks wonderful - that tea gown is gorgeous. I am looking forward to visiting the museum. Anytime we've been to Senoia, we have really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the beautiful photos, Joanie


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