Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Room Recipe #39 - The Blethering Place Tea Room (Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada)

Lately I've come across several fall recipes using cheddar cheese and apples, so this week I decided to try a Cheese and Apple Loaf, not quite sure what the result would be.

The recipe comes from the 1990 book "From The Blethering Place: A Collection of Traditional British Recipes." According to the book, "blethering" is a Scottish term which means "voluble, senseless talking." The tea room is now closed, but it was located in the village's oldest building and was originally home of a grocery store and post office. I love that!

Now the directions said to make this in "a" loaf pan, but it made so much batter, I couldn't help thinking this meant "a large" loaf pan, and I have only the smaller size ones. So, I made two loaves and adjusted the cooking time to 1 hour instead of an hour and a half. The result (despite a bit of sugar) was a crunchy-crusted, savory tasting bread I think would be great served alongside a fall or winter soup. The official Tea With Friends taste-tester disagreed, saying he detected the sweetness and, come to think of it, how would this be with a little honey on it? Well, he was right, and it was terrific! (I still think this would be lovely served with soup. It reminded me just a bit of those famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster, but without the garlic.)

However you enjoy it, I think this bread is a great recipe for fall!

Cheese and Apple Loaf

1/2 cup butter, softened
3/4 cup superfine sugar (pulse regular sugar in the food processor for a minute or so if you don't have superfine)
2 eggs, beaten
8 ounces unpeeled, grated apples and their juice (about 2 medium)
1-1/4 cups grated Cheddar cheese
1-1/4 cups + 2 tablespoons chopped nuts (I used walnuts)
4 cups all-purpose flour
1-1/2 tablespoons baking powder
1 rounded teaspoon baking soda
1-1/2 teaspoons salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar, then add eggs, apples, cheese and nuts. Sift the remaining ingredients together, add to bowl, and mix well. Batter will be very, very stiff! Spoon the batter into a loaf pan prepared with cooking spray and bake for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. (Note: Remember that this is for the large loaf. The two smaller loaves required only 1 hour of baking time when I made mine.)


  1. Oh how fun to read your post this morning featuring the Blethering Place Tea Room in British Columbia, because I've had tea there during a visit. Sad to learn they've closed. The bread looks delicious!

  2. This looks wonderful. I will definitely print this out!
    I just this minute had a lady in my shop who has a tea room in Dunedin, Florida. There economy is good there with so many retiring in Florida.

  3. Cheese and apples are such a lovely combination.

  4. Yum, I like this combination for a tea loaf. Thanks for sharing another winner Angela.

  5. I meant to include, that we have a saying for someone that rambles on about nothing - that they're a blethering idiot. :-) I do believe my hubby has called me this on more than one occasion. LOL

  6. Angela, these recipes all look so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing these with your readers. I've just printed this one and will be sending a copy to my cousin. She is always looking for good loaf bread recipes for club events.

  7. Love anything apple at this time of year and this sounds delightful!

  8. Yum! Thank you for sharing this. My son and I want to try the pumpkin-lentil soup recipe in the latest BH&G magazine issue and this would be good with it.

  9. What a delicious recipe, Angela! I love the photos too, Joanie

  10. I made this tonight. It smelled really yummy in the first hour of baking.

    Baking at 350, for 1.5 hours in a large loaf pan. Sad to say it was looking overcooked at 45 minutes and by 1.5 hours, it was VERY dark. I just cut into it and it was very dry and tasteless.

    I would play a little with timing and temperature on this recipe. I think next time, I will try it at 325 and start checking it at an hour in my large loaf pan.

    Hope my experience helps you out.


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